Thursday, 8 July 2010

Plodding on

Still feel like I'm trying to settle into a groove following my 'jittery June'.

Saturday was rather annoying having got up to £65+ only to be robbed blind by the 'mad bomber' that has been getting other trader-bloggers so riled. I've not seen any evidence of him since then but I'm sure he's still lurking.

I've been trying to close trades more hurriedly in case he strikes - actually it's probably not a bad habit to get into as who knows what's around the corner in any trade - very little surprises me anymore!

Sunday was one of those days where I lingered around the £0 mark for ages before a back bet got cruelly blasted upwards, reverse-bombed if you like, and lost me -£26 in an instant. I generally don't wait to see what's going to happen to the price in these situations because I'm usually too panicked and stunned to do anything else except close out.

I took Monday and Tuesday off because I needed a rest from it.

Yesterday was an inefficient day: I could read the markets well but I tripped up badly on a few and ended up where I'd made £100 of good trades and £40 of rotten ones. By my reckoning, if I've made £140 of trades and £40 are losses, then 30% of my trading approach is rotten!

Today was similar in that I gave away a load of tasty profit looking for more. The trouble is, there have been times when I've been a tenner up with 4 minutes to go and gone on to trade upto £20+; then there are the times where I've chucked it all away and even made a loss. I suppose if I can cut out that rotten 30% of my game, then the option to carry on trading with time left on the clock would appear to be the correct one.

30% rot? But there's is still 70% of this lovely trading apple to enjoy so let's not be too down on yourself, Mets!


  1. Love the trading apple. I wonder how many other fruits you can use as metaphors in the future...!

  2. You mean when things go a bit 'pears' he he? ;)


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