Friday, 16 July 2010

Quick update

Didn't do so bad on the horses in the end after getting off to a slow start. The -£18 and -£15 losses had me spitting feathers! It was mostly down to just rubbish trading.

The smasher/mad bomber/cash master was out in force again tonight I noticed, chucking in £15k when they fancied. Needless to say I wasn't laying much tonight.

I got off a couple of my Open bets for a -£10 loss overall. None of my picks started particularly well and although Goosen has a chance, he's still pretty far off the pace. I'd rather cut out for a tenner loss than swallow -£30.

I read after-the-fact that Harrington has recently has come into the tournament off the back of some major knee surgery...


His mental strength is magnificent: he can cope with head to head action on the course, with the stresses of the back nine on Sunday and, crucially, the weight of questions from the media sits comfortably on his shoulders. His favoured mode of preparing for this event is a week playing links golf,

Definitely nothing about knees.


  1. same happened to me with K J Choi! I caught Jiminez though at 140 and is now down to 44. Only put £2 on!

  2. Hi Mets,

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  3. Hi Mets,

    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I have not come across your blog before. Your markets and stakes are similar to mine. I have added you to my site and I am also a follower.

    Best of luck.


  4. @Andy - consider yourself linked!

    @Handy - I've been following your progress for some time and have finally got round to updating my site links - added! All the best mate.

  5. Mets - when will you ever learn about Harrington, he's a big time choker! (Actually I did hear about his knee injury thanks to copious amounts of Talksport). Saying that, Westwood is recovering from an (suspected DVT at the time) achilles injury and puts in a performance like that! You'd expect that from a Forest fan tho'. ;-)
    Keep up the good work!


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