Saturday, 14 August 2010

The curse of HomeHub

Forget what those twits on the advert say about BT and their HomeHub, I can't get on with it and don't have a lot of faith in it when it comes to trading.

Admittedly, I've got a long network cable stretched across the conservatory from the router which goes into one of those ethernet plug-in jobs, which sends the signal across the electricity cabling to another plug-in jobby in my office, then onto my PC via a 5-port hub - but who doesn't, eh?

Anyway, I keep getting these silly dropouts from time-to-time and once I restart the HomeHub it works ok again for a while. I didn't get this problem with Talk Talk and wish I'd never swapped over.

So when it dropped out again today I lost £14 which, following lots of shouting and throwing things, sent me off-course for a while. After clasping my dog-eared copy of Trading in the Zone by Mark Douglas and saying a few words of prayer, I managed to regain enough composure to pull off a £37 trade which put me firmly back on top!

I hate getting off to a bad start on Saturday especially as I know what I'm capable of. Still, all is well that ends well but the HomeHub's days may be numbered!


  1. I know some people have had problems with them, but I have a virgin fibre connection. It's ridiculously fast and very reliable. Modem/router need the occasional reboot but other than that it's great.

    In other news, I am getting involved in forex and about to start blogging. I'll send you the link when I'm up and running. It'll be like the good old days. Only hopefully more profitable!

    Keep up the good work. Am very impressed!

  2. I used to have Virgin and never had a problem with it. Then we shopped around for a better call plan, to our detriment.

    Forex, eh? Exciting! Keep me posted!!


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