Sunday, 29 August 2010

Cycling on thin ice

Went in-play a few times today, was feeling a bit dozy like one of the late-summer wasps that are easy to whack with a newspaper!

I used to thrash at the hedge button and shut my eyes but I don't panic as much these days, and try and get out at a reasonable price.

I never intend on going in-play but it's one of the hazards of trading right to the off. Things aren't helped by:

- the laggy Racing UK player which I generally have to refresh a minute or so before the off to ensure near-to-live pictures (because if I don't the thing will gradually slip behind by 10+ seconds)
- the Racing UK / ATR commentators who have a chin-wag from time-to-time and don't alert me of the off as I concentrate on the ladders
- me forgetting to switch between RUK / ATR for the next race
- me being dozy like the aforementioned late-summer wasp

Today was a slow-burner; I've come to realise that this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Sometimes it's important to start cautiously and see what mood the markets are in for a while. It was 4 o'clock before the floods gates opened and the profit came.

A cheeky 50p @ 14 on the Sunderland win against City in the dying minutes brought another 7 quid when they scored. I had a live stream on for a bit and City looked useless. If I'd held on a bit longer I could have had a staggering price of 90!! Pity the fool that laid them then :/

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