Sunday, 22 August 2010

Pleasing weekend

This weekend started with a few quid won on the Roddick-Djokovic game on Friday evening. I hung out at the TradeShark's chat room and enjoyed a bit of banter with the lads in there. I can't say I've got any real strategies on the tennis as such, and am really just putting money into the market with a certain degree of expectation as I watch the match.

Saturday's racing was MENTAL and I struggled to keep up with the off times because of some clashes. Got off to a rubbish start because of greed and lost -£17 so was playing catch up for a bit. Came good in the end though with lots of concentration although £38 is a fairly modest sum for me on a Saturday these days.

Got back from a family party to trade a bit of last night's Fish-Roddick semi; it was 4-5 to Roddick before rain struck and he came out to break serve and nail the set - Fish was woeful. I watched Roddick's odds steam in further as he looked like taking the next set and the match. I laid Roddick for £100 at 1.03 and set a back bet at 1.5 in case Fish decided to fight back, then went to bed. So it was a nice surprise to wake up this morning and find that Fish did the impossible. Roddick was trading at 1.01 before I switched off too, so there must have been some unhappy punters out there.

Should have had another £12 on the Chelsea-Wigan game when I backed >2.5 goals for £20 but bottled the trade before the goal flood began. Statistically, the outcome was nailed on but I haven't got a lot of confidence in trading the footy at the moment, tennis seems more straightforward. I think it's because you get that price-time decay thing on the overs where the price drifts out sharply when no goals are going in and I'm always thinking "if only I'd hung out for a better price..." or "if a hedge now my red will only be this much..." - it's at conflict with my trading personality if you like.

Had a good session on the horses this arvo; I was really relaxed, not really expecting much of a Sunday - they are usually pretty poor for me - and was pleased to make £50. My trading was calculated too, happy to take a few quid here and there. I really think patience is the key to it all: the days where I jump in feet first and don't wait for the right trades to come about are typically the ones with the up-and-down PnL.

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