Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Early bath

Time to call time early on this month's trading and reset my approach for October. The larger stakes are killing my game, as I find I'm chasing losses a lot more and expending a lot of energy and cash in doing so.

I started today's session with a clear mind and good intentions but after getting a tenner up, I began to get complacent and got caught out a few times, including one -£23 loss. Total loss nearly 60 quid :(

I feel I'm being braver, playing the favourite a lot more and getting involved in the fast money, but I'd hoped I would be suitably battle-hardened by now. I'm not.

When I came downstairs yesterday after sustaining a similar loss, I went into the garage and beat the crap out of my punchbag. Proper UFC-style ground-and-pound hammerfists too. The bag didn't stand a chance!

My wife reminded me of similar behaviour the last time I upped my stakes and went downhill. Indeed, my overall profit graph shows a few battle scars.

It was a disappointing end to September after a strong start but on the other hand, nothing-ventured-nothing-gained as they say. I have a better idea of what level I'm at and what works and what doesn't. I need to build up some momentum again by drawing a line under September and taking a less gung-ho approach in October.


  1. I keep being told 'You have to speculate to accumulate!'

    Hang in there it will work out :)

  2. Yeah I hear that a lot, Cudster - usually by people who are doing all the winning! ;)

  3. Take a look at my recent blog post - a profits a profit! :P

    I hear it a lot from the old man so thought I would pass on some wise advice!

    Need to use it myself though...


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