Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Hens: free to a good home

Well, my 24 day winning streak has come to a clucking end with a shambolic session that's messed up my PnL graph with an ugly minus!


My mindset going in was that of a crazed lunatic after my 6 hens decided to play up, 2 of them in particular were egging each other on; it was a poultry affair. My mood wasn't helped by my internet playing up again - it was dropping out every few minutes which is about as much use as a screen door on a submarine. After many trips up and down the stairs, rebooting routers and roosters, I was spitting feathers!

And there was me starting to think I was invincible.

And then there were 5....


  1. C'mon Mets - you need to climb back up the pecking order!

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  3. As you know, I chickened out of trading ages ago - what a cock. Keep fighting, you will make it out of bantam weight into heavyweight soon, I am sure. After all, you've had the stuffing knocked out of you before. And getting stressed will only send you to an early grave(y). There's more than a nugget of hope that you will bounce back, just keep abreast of things, do your leg work and it will come good.

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