Friday, 17 September 2010

Paranoid Android

I was shopping around for a new mobile phone this week cos I'm a bit bored of my ageing Sony Ericsson handset. Had a hold of the new iPhone while the guy at Tesco hovered around, probably making sure I wasn't going to nick it or drop it!

I like the idea of the dedicated Betfair app but I'm being careful not to be sucked into the Apple hype again as I did with the first iPhone (which I ended up flogging soon after cos it was a bit too much of a brick).

I did stumble upon this article about a new app for Android handsets which is good news as I'm rather a Google fan-boy and this adds weight to the "Android is catching up with iPhone" argument. In fact, I've more-or-less set my heart on getting the HTC Wildfire...

Poor man's iPhone

...but I've not seen a decent 12 month contract yet. Looked pretty sexy in the Tesco shop even though the assistant was trying to prise open my wallet for £349 for the iPhone whilst simultaneously dismissing the Wildfire in disgust!

Funnily enough, as I mucked out the hens today I suddenly realised where Google got their inspiration from for the Android robot thingy... bar-b-que of course! ;)

It's been a hard week trading the horses this week not least because the missus is away and I had my little one with me in the afternoons. Nothing can beat shutting the door and trading in solitude for 3 hours as distractions can wreak havoc on my focus, but I'm happy that I more-or-less kept my mind on the job.

Lost -£27 on one race today after going chasing and, more worryingly, went in-play in a Listowel race because I didn't have the sound up on the telly. Could've potentially lost -£500 cos it went on to win :( Fortunately, I didn't panic and managed to get out in-running for a fiver loss. How many lives do traders have again?! The Irish races do go off very promptly so if you're trading close to the off you're more likely to get "done" in one of these.

The day

The week

I've been trying to increase my stakes upto £200 for prices <6 and it's not doing me too much harm. Obviously there is only so much I can lay at bigger prices with my £1000 bank but I don't intend to increase it this side of Christmas, and will continue to withdraw the difference after each session.


  1. Since I have had the iPhone I couldn't use anything else. Forget the Betfair app. Take a look at the iBetmate app, there is no comparison.

    Well done for making it onto one of Betfair's courses. You must have been very quick off the mark as I am sure places were snapped up very quickly. I might give Betfair a call and try and blag my way onto one!

    Keep up the good work.

  2. Ha! Loving the BBQ/Android, quality! Great blog, keep it up.

  3. @Andy - hmm well I've got the ok from the missus for an iPhone, maybe I'll head back to Tesco and have another caress ;)

    I jumped on the November one as quickly as I could - there was only one space left when I booked my place. Maybe the course will teach me a few things, maybe not, but should be a good day out whatever.

    Maybe I'll see you down there if you can arrange it.

    @Anon - uncanny likeness, eh? :D


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