Friday, 24 September 2010

Throwing it away

Scraped in just over £100 this week. The bigger staking is having a neutralising effect on my profit once again. This happened the last time I ramped up the stakes. I mean we're only talking £5 tick sizes here - which to some is small fry - but it soon adds up when things go awry.

It has been a week littered with errors, in-play gaffes and lucky escapes...hardly the right recipe for profitable trading. My underpants drawer is completely empty...!

I'm sure things will settle down, including my jangled nerves. I've been forgetting to take the Kalms which hasn't helped.

On the plus side, I've been signing friends up left-right-and-centre to Betfair so the little £25 bonuses have been topping up my ailing bank. Been thinking about going door-to-door and signing people up en masse ;) Like one of those NPower salesman but more respectable!

There seems to be so much chatter about betting exchanges' contribution to the demise of the horse racing industry, with the BHA and bookies getting on their backs, that post-float, us Betfairers may find ourselves sailing some pretty stormy waters. Then again, maybe it's just scaremongering. But I do wonder if I'll still be sitting here trading on the ladders in year's time?? Having said that, I have got into a good habit of taking life a day at a time, which is probably something we should all be doing, given that none of us know what's around the corner.

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