Sunday, 26 September 2010

Tug of war

Things are getting ugly. The total profit line nearly touched -£70 after another series of mishaps. There must be some psychological term for this lose-lots-then-claw-it-back-painfully approach.

Happy to end where I did to be honest as I'm being quite ambitious with my trades at the moment. Suddenly, earning £3 a race is not enough for me anymore, I want £10-£20 a race.

I've managed to make another reasonable profit over the course of this month so I think this week will see more boundary pushing as the month draws to an end...hopefully without too much hurt!

Then it will be a case of battening down the hatches for the Autumn and Winter to try and grind out some steady profit. £30 a day is still a nice target, and I was happy to achieve in excess of that for August. I just have to remind myself that, although £30 doesn't seem much profit for a session, it does all add up quite nicely by the end of the month.


  1. Hi Mets,

    Just thought i'd let you know. When loading your blog up last night, google chrome warned me about potential malware on Fulltime traders mindset, seems ok this morning though. Not sure if you've received anything similar but just thought i'd give you a heads up.


  2. Ooh yeah, see what you mean. Link removed until further notice. Thanks for the info :)

    Perhaps Jack's site has been hacked?!


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