Saturday, 9 October 2010

Just one more

Another reasonable Saturday I suppose. The last trade was a bit of a duffer, a case of "just one more trade for luck". The old "see what happens" approach - marvelous (not)!

I celebrated my one year trading anniversary last Wednesday, although I didn't start the blog until the redundancy was confirmed a month later. A friend asked whether I would've done anything differently...I can honestly say I wouldn't. It's taken a while to convince myself (and others) that this is a genuine career path....ok perhaps career path is a bit strong! Some came round to idea pretty quickly (my wife); others are still waiting for me to get a real job (my mum)!

My performance has only been mediocre since a ground-breaking August, which has led to a few anxious moments and self-doubt. Admittedly, I've been upping the stakes which has affected my bottom line, but I'm hardening (nurse!) to the effects of the losses I've incurred as a result.

I'm still of the opinion though that, as long as you can cover the bills and have a few treats like the odd take away now-and-then, then it's worth living without flat screen tellys and expensive holidays in order to have more free time for yourself and the family.

If I can make it beyond the Christmas period by continuing to take home some modest monthly profit, without losing my money and mind, then things should go from strength-to-strength in 2011.

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