Saturday, 16 October 2010

The "Outlaw" is back

A bumper night of fighting at the O2 tonight for UFC 120, and Dan "The Outlaw" Hardy returns for a fight with the USA's Carlos Condit. I don't recall seeing Condit fight but then again, since UFC and TUF (The Ultimate Fighter) went off Bravo, I haven't been keeping up with it as much, unfortunately.

I know that there aren't many with Hardy's level of self-belief though. Indeed, despite nearly having his arms ripped off by George St-Pierre in his last bout, he must have won over a large contingent of UFC fans with his gutsy performance. I mean, GSP seriously opened a full can of whoop-ass on him in that match!

With the UK crowd behind him, I'm expecting Hardy to put the smack down on this New Mexican upstart. I'll being having a £20 punt on Hardy fo' shizzle, provided I have a good arvo on the horses today, cos I don't gamble with money I haven't earnt that day, period!

Decent week on the horses, bouyed by last Sunday's uncharacteristic performance....for a Sunday.

I hope to do some in-play trading in the future, along the lines of a recent post by Alistair over at Bet Your Life Sports Trading. Eddy over at Trading Times had some punting joy backing Frankie Detorri yesterday at Newmarket. There's no doubting the man's horsemanship and I'll be looking to see of any in-running opportunities present themselves as far as the dimunitive Italian is concerned.

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