Saturday, 23 October 2010

Strength to strength

Well things are definitely looking up having hit my third £100+ day in as many weeks.

"Make hay while the sun shines" makes a lot of sense after being reminded this afternoon, by one of the Racing UK pundits, just how cold last Winter got. The prolonged bout of snow certainly did play havoc with the race cards.

I was reading Chris Evans' auto-biography recently and he mentioned that his Dad was a bookmaker when Chris was a lad, during which time there was a 4 month frost! He went on to explain that having got through that rather lean period, his Dad then accepted an accumulator from a punter but hadn't covered the liability; the bet duly came in and put his Dad out of business! It's a surprisingly good read by Mr Evans - very well written.

My performance last week surpassed my £30-a-day target and I ended up making more than £50-a-day. Choosing my battles more carefully does seem to have helped a fair bit, and trading <= 3 minutes before the off has ironed out a few inconsistencies.


  1. Hi there,
    Really enjoying your blog so I've linked it. Could you do me the honour back?
    Cheers, Steve.

  2. Will do Steve - cheers! :)

  3. good to see ur still going from strength to strenght mets, can i ask what stakes u are using to make ur £100 a day? Did u buy ur Iphone 4 with ur trading earnings, must be a good feeling to be able to do that

  4. Cheers Neil

    My tick sizes are upto £5 depending on the strength of the market. Obviously I'm a bit limited with my lays using a 1k bank but I believe in ring-fencing profit and keeping it out of harms way, so I withdraw any profit i make each day, hence my bank isn't growing. 1k is enough to get by on anyway.

    The phone was a little treat out of the earnings although it was subsidised slightly by the contract I'm on. There are still household bills to pay though which obviously take priority :)


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