Thursday, 25 November 2010

High on Meydan

Iron Maiden

I traded a South Africa Dubai race today - Meydan - just so I could indulge in the pun in today's title! Actually, I was prompted by the fact that Kieren Fallon's name came up on ATR. The liquidity was low, and the prices were very gappy, a bit like the dog markets in the last 30 seconds. It's not for me I'm afraid, but worth a sniff.

If there's a strong odds-on favourite and a bunch of outsiders, like in the first race at Wolverhampton this afternoon, I'll look to trade a few of the outsiders for a profit, using small stakes, and hedge in-play. It came good to the tune of 11 notes which is ok for little risk. It's nice to let some run anyway, as I still like a cheeky punt now and again.

Not a bad day but I find myself scratching around for a profit these days, whilst trying to stay out of trouble. I've run into a fair bit of trouble this month, and it's taken me over 2 weeks to claw back to where I was back then. I'm sort of getting a handle on things since the clocks changed so I'm just hoping things don't change again too much before the Spring - my nervous system can't take much more!!


  1. Hi mate, good to hear things are headed in the right direction again. Have recently continued trading (testing the waters with tiny stakes so far mind) but as you know I'm always one to play it safe before increasing stake size.

    Anyway, thought I should pop in and say hi - you're one of the few blogs that has stuck with it - hats off to you Mets :)

  2. I'm no geography expert, but Meydan is Dubai's shiny new racecourse. That's why Fallon ( and some other top names ) will appear there over the winter months.

  3. @JS - cheers mate. Good to hear you're back, been too long.

    @Rob - your geography is obviously a lot better than mine! I better change my post and delete your comment to save further embarrassment ;)


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