Sunday, 5 December 2010

Take a chance

I commented in this recent post how I sometimes like to trade outsiders for small stakes and hedge in-play. Well this approach came good again today to the tune of £58, as I let the outsider of a 4-horse field run his race.

This is the single highest amount I've made in a race and I'm very pleased - it's nice to get a slice of luck like this for a change.

This gave me a nice boost, but I then struggled to capitalise on the win for a further two hours as I won and lost equally. Whilst profitable, this "win a bit more than I'm losing" approach isn't very satisfying and only goes to highlight the limitations of my strategy; I just need to pin down exactly what those limitations are.


  1. Good stuff on the big win. How do find your state of mind, when your going through a win one lose one scenario.

    Well done


  2. Cheers Steve

    I've been doing this too long to get perturbed by the ups and downs. I keep going, trade every race I can, try my best and usually the money comes in the end.

  3. Maybe Kindles all round ;)


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