Sunday, 30 January 2011


I couldn't get any action on the racing today. Action is quite a difficult thing to define. If I'm going great guns down at the bowling alley and getting lots of strikes, then I would typically say that there is plenty of good pin action. Likewise, if I can move from race-to-race whilst profiting with a seemingly effortless flow, then I would define that as a good action. Today was a slog!

I made my minimum daily target of just over £30 which is the main thing. If about two thirds of the way through the session I haven't already blasted through this target, then I'll tend to play safe so I don't jeopardise my chances of reaching it.

Poor Andy Murray - I really hoped he'd win the Oz open today. Even though I'm an Englishman, I'm not into all that "he's Scottish so I don't care if he loses" bullshit mentality. He's from the British Isles, he's worked damn hard to get where he is and he deserves his success. I think is problem is that he gives his opponents too much respect...

"Yeah, he's really strong and on a good day he can beat anyone...blah blah blah"

Ok, I'm paraphrasing there but that's the kind of thing he comes out with. He needs to talk like a champion - you wouldn't hear Fed bigging up the other guy in this "I'm already beaten" monotone blather!

I dipped into the betting, and put a lay on Djokovic towards the end of the second set as his price was around 1.10 at that point. I was hoping that Murray make come back to take the third set, and when he broke Djokovic in the first game I became more hopeful. But when Murray crumbled in the second game I decided that he was done and dusted and scratched the trade.

Paul over at Tradeshark's Tennis Trading was spot on with his pre-match assessment as usual but the risk-vs-reward of backing Djok from the start doesn't suit my more cautious approach, so I waited until the game unfolded a bit. I prefer to lay at low odds as far as tennis is concerned.

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