Thursday, 13 January 2011

Automated trading

Since I wrote this post about my 2011 pledges, I've been investigating how I could profit from botting.

Rather than re-invent the wheel and code something from scratch, I sat down last night and looked at what software is out there already that could help me. The two main programs I've found are Gruss and MarketFeeder.

My basic understanding of Gruss is that it's a trading tool similar to The Toy but with the additional option of triggering bets from rules set up in spreadsheets.

MarketFeeder can automate spreadsheets too, but it also allows you to set triggers up via the UI, which seemed more straightfoward to me.

Fast forward to tonight then and I've set about implementing a new strategy of mine in MarketFeeder. I've opted for the 14 day trial, so it's not costing me anything yet, and I'm using Test Mode... I can see if my strat is a goer before putting any real dosh down. I'm aware of the cost implications of making too many calls per second to Betfair's API, and am therefore using the program with a relative's Betfair account that they're not using.

The number of permutations of rules you can set on your triggers is staggering, and quite easy to pick up with help from the great tutorials on their site. The trigger took me about 2 hours to write and I'm going to use it in anger tomorrow, alongside my regular trading on my main account. If it works out as planned, then it will be a few hours well spent.

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