Saturday, 15 January 2011


The Devil may make work for idle hands, but not for me - I was flat out from 12-4 with trading and trying to get this damn bot to do something useful.

The program did a fair amount of "binging" and "bonging" as rules were met and bets were placed, but I had no clue what was going on until I discovered the Action Log nestled at the bottom of the screen...

This contains a fair bit of information which, now I know it exists, I will observe more closely in future sessions. I should read the manual really, but I'm far too impatient!

There was plenty of money around as you would expect on King George day, and it was refreshing to see the stands full at Kempton following some quite dire Winter meetings with hardly a soul in attendance at times. I had a nice day profit-wise but I'm eager to get this bot working to take some of the pressure off.


  1. £190 is a superb profit for this time of the year, think what you'll be making this summer. Good luck with the bot.

  2. Cheers Didd :) I'm looking forward to the summer schedule - the later starts, the festivals, the evening meetings etc. No end of money-making opportunities!!


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