Monday, 31 January 2011

January roundup

No trading today with the Betfair API on it's knees. I wonder whether maintenance means clearing logs and archiving data, or whether it means bug fixing and enhancements? Whatever they are doing, I hope they don't screw anything up!

It was same this time last year and I remember someone on the forum saying it's the same every year as Betfair ready themselves for the busy summer season. These were my notes from Jan 30th and 31st 2010...

Nevermind, it's a good excuse for a day off and boy do I need one - it's my first break from trading since 27th December!

Profit-wise, it's been my best month so far and has given me a boost as I end my first official month as a full-time trader.

I did trade with a bank of upto £1800 mid-way through the month and although it gave me more capability in the markets, I still didn't really go above £5 tick sizes. I've withdrawn most of that now and am using a bank of around 1k again; I'm more comfortable using a 1k bank as it reduces my liability in case of a catastrophe. I don't think I could mentally recover from losing more than a grand at this stage in my trading career!

It's handy having a bigger bank on festival days because the markets are more stable so I'll perhaps look to boost the coffers again in time for Cheltenham and hive some of it off to my Aussie wallet when I'm not using it.

There's plenty more I can improve on and I'm looking forward to tackling the summer season with a more experienced head on my shoulders.


  1. Well Done Met's. I'm chuffed for ya. What you made this month equates to appx a £30k pa job so keep it up.

  2. Thanks a lot for your support - all the best!

  3. good stuff mets!, inspiring stuff... good to see it can be done considering im going for it later in the year

  4. Cheers Caan - I'm glad I can inspire people in the same way other traders who came before me inspired me.

    All the best with your full-time quest, looking at your PnL figures you seem to have got a handle on things.


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