Sunday, 2 January 2011

The kiss of death

I must apologise to fans of Pete Nordsted's Draw Master service. If you've seen his newsletter, you will know that he picks three Premier League matches every week that he thinks will end in a draw.

I've been following his picks since the start of the season and it had been doing very well...that is, until I started putting some real money on his selections. Yes, sadly, since Boxing Day (when I saw fit to jump on the bandwagon and earn some extra cash) the wheels have come off and he's now 0 for 6.

Ok, I'm not tossing away huge bucks, but 45 quid is 45 quid. The question is, do I carry on backing his selections and hope things come good again, or jump off now and undoubtedly watch Mr Nordsted land all three this weekend??!! ;)


  1. Unlucky result Mets, but at least you know you will pull the £45.00 back through pre race trading.

  2. I tend to back them all in doubles and a treble first. Then I lay the draw for progressive amounts in each of the first two games. Idea being that if the games aren't draw then at least i haven't done all my cash, if we get one/two draws i can then decide who much my winnings are from the first two and lock in a profit. not bullet proof as an early goal tends to limit the amount you make on laying the draw if they go on to win (arsenal/brum being a good example) but at least it limits the amount you can lose....

  3. @Didd - yeah I think it's called "robbing Peter to pay Paul" !! :D

    @geoff - interesting Geoff. I'm only wagering small amounts so it's not worth my while laying off early. It also defeats the purpose of following the system, as the bets are meant to be left on, but I understand you wanting to protect your cash as I have trouble letting bets ride too.

  4. You could probably pre-empt what he's going to pick anyway couldn't you?

  5. @mully1 - he sends them out free anyway so there's nothing to be gained in pre-empting them.

    The system is up overall so if I'd backed them from the start of the season I would've had some money to play with; instead, I've jumped on halfway through and during a rough patch :(


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