Thursday, 3 February 2011

Are you gonna go my way?

I couldn't get a sniff of profit at Towcester today, I must have lost 40 quid pre-race all in all. It was almost as if, as soon as I looked at the market, it went the other way. The graph below shows an example of one horse I was about to lay....and then it plummeted! The price just fell through the floor...along with my jaw!! I wasn't so lucky on other occasions.

I found the other tracks a bit more forgiving though and ended up in profit overall...

Betfair sent me a nice reminder about the Premium Charge which I'm sure is familiar to any veteran traders that read this blog...

It was a nice treat as I was expecting to be debited -£67 this week and I'd kept £1067 in my bank to allow for it.

Where it says...

"if your betting continues to be as successful as it has been, you may be required to pay Premium Charges"

...I'm hoping it means they'll turn a blind eye for a few more weeks! :D


  1. At least it shows you are being successful, you probably don't realise how many traders would 'love' to be in the position of having to pay the premium charge

  2. Wait til next week when they start taking it :( You start to dread wednesdays and it feels like at least one day a week you're working solely for betfair.

  3. You rolling with the big dogs now Mets.

  4. @Steve - you're absolutely right but there's something a bit paradoxical about wanting to be charged for something that was free before! ;)

    @Anon - that's a bit grim isn't it!!

    @Pete - rollin', in my 5-point-0 with my rag-top down so my hair can blow! :D

    (just me who still listens to Vanilla Ice then?)


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