Thursday, 17 February 2011

Deadliest Catch

I watched a series of Deadliest Catch recently about Alaskan king crab fishermen. Blimey, those blokes have got guts! There are 1000s of boats out fishing in-season, looking for clusters of these crab, and the crew would often say they were "on the crab" if there were 30+ of the things surfacing in each of their pots.

At $30 a piece, a 30+ pot would understandably be regarded as a lucrative haul.

I've been "on the crab" (a worthy addition to my Glossary me thinks) every day except one this year, when I let frustration cloud my judgement and lost about 40 quid. I mean every day too, as I've not missed a day since 28th Dec (apart from 31st Jan when BF went down). The last couple of days has been particularly fruitful, where I even managed to profit from footy (which I'm sure I'm down on overall, given that I still treat it as a bit of a sideline and have tossed loads of dosh away on silly bets).

Whenever I trade for long periods without a break, I find I start getting the "twitches". It's a bit like the nervous system is saying "hey, give yourself a day off". But missing a day at the moment, when things are going swimmingly, is akin to not pulling up one of those crab pots. I could sit down and make £30 or £130 that day; I just never really know what's going to "come up in the pot".

"That's enough of the crab analogies now, Mets!"


Actually, I did finish my session early yesterday to go for a swim. When we got to the pool, they wanted us to pay £40 - £20 for me and £20 for the wife - instead of the usual £7, because her membership had lapsed. 40 quid for a swim? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO??!!

It's interesting to see that Mark Iverson has also been on one of Centaur's courses. His review was a bit more diplomatic than mine but then again I vowed that I wouldn't care as much about what people think of me when I started working for myself, as there is very little to lose by speaking your mind when you don't have to fear upsetting a boss. If people (eg politicians) were a bit more straight-talking in this country then perhaps it wouldn't be going to the dogs. After all, the Italians don't seem to have trouble expressing themselves...


  1. Jeez Mets, was wondering when the Crab analogies were going to stop :)

    Good going the last couple of days for you. Well done and keep it up.

    Losing day today for me but not too heavy.


  2. Tomorrow I shall be writing a post analogous to the Indian smooth coated otter :D

    Cheers for the comment. I hope you can soon smash through the 1K soon and put the unfortunate Betfair outage incident behind you.

  3. At a time when we're all feeling the PINCH, you are CLAWING your way up the bf ladder & it's good to see you coming out of your SHELL. Personally, I'm doing crap and I need to crawl back under a ROCK.
    Something else about PINCER MOVEMENTS.



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