Sunday, 20 February 2011

A glass is completely empty

Honestly, the last 3 hours has been a complete mess. First race in and I'm done for -£200 at Kempton...


...then Betfair went down again (for probably the third time in as many weeks) which hindered any sort of comback...


...leaving me down overall for the weekend...

...and just below my 10k milestone I thought I was well and truly beyond...

"Do-do-do...come on and do the Conga..."

By the way, the in-play loss was my own undoing and not an API issue. Shiz happens and people get done for much worse, so I'll just move on do a West Brom ie try and tighten things up at the back!

Ideally what I need is a way of limiting my in-play liability to say £100. I've got onto The Geek and others to see if there is any way around it via The Toy. I hate the idea that my pre-race trading bank of 1k is at risk every time I trade in-play but swapping out a load to my Aussie wallet before every race is unrealistic.

If it's a limitation of the software then I might have to look at using something else in-running. Another alternative is to have another copy of The Toy open using a different account, but then I'm sure Betfair will be on my back about Premium Charge evasion!

If any readers have any better ideas then I'd appreciate your thoughts.

Realistically, I should make the money back, and more, by the end of the week but having to undo mistakes is a real pain in the backside.


  1. Hi Mets,

    Shitter mate. I hate losing days but it helps me if i look at the bigger picture. You'll get it back though i'm sure ;)

    As for the in-play thing. I guess its just down to training yourself to not over expose your bankroll.

    You'll figure out what's best for you.


  2. 1k in play liability sounds steep to me Mets but I guess that's because I know little about that side of trading. I'm sure you'll get the £200.00 back soon.

  3. hi mets

    Do you know of any betting exchange shops in the north west by any chance?

    There has been 2 that i know of, sportsexchangeshop and causewayracing both of which have been closed for business!

    If anybody can point me in the right direct to one in the north west would be much appreciated!


  4. @Steve - I might just train a monkey instead! Probably do better...and eat less peanuts ;)

    @Didd - I don't willingly use the 1k in-running but if my sausage fingers click the wrong ladder who knows what damage could be caused =:-O

    @Anon - no mate, I'm not in the NW so I've got no idea. I think Tony Hargraves AKA "The Badger" had a hand in the Warrington one if I'm not mistaken. It didn't seem so long ago since that one was just opening?!

  5. Don't think any software out there lets you set a separate libility for "in play", gruss will let you set a libility per click but that'd wouldn't really be much use if you were amending it everytime you needed to bet on the nags.

    You'd be best off exercising some restraint ) or if that's too much trouble just open a new account for football etc. I've a separate account for bots and betfair aren't bothered, if anything they're happy as you'll start that on 5%. As long as it's in your own name and no bonus grabbing involved they don't mind. The chosen few are allowed sub accounts but even though I churn over enough and pay them a fortune in comms/pc I've never managed to get thru to anyone who'll let me have sub accounts :(

    You can fund the account by bank transfer so no need for new cards etc and it's actually better for accounting as you'll see just how much those silly one off bets really cost :)

  6. As for todays loss you'll get it back, trading seems to have a habit of being a party pooper especially to any milestones like your £10K in winnings. Whether that's down to us taking are eye off the ball when we hit a decent run or just the trading gods remaining us they can take it all back whenever they want who knows :)

  7. @Anon - thanks for the info on the software.

    Exercising restraint is invaluable advice. It's easy to get carried away.

    I think seperate accounts is the way to go. I pre-trade with 1k but don't need more than £100 to trade in-running at the moment. Are you paying PC across your accounts as a combined charge then?

    The loss is a wake-up call. I'm not bothered about losing the money, more that I knew I'd get caught before too long but didn't get round to implementing a better approach. This is a catalyst and I'll now get something in place before something really disastrous happens in-running.

  8. They add both accounts together for any PC charges so no getting away from it, annoyingly they don't add them together for purposes of commission charges though , thats why you're better getting sub accounts from the main one if possible. Give them a ring you never know they miight let you have a sub account, that way it's got it's own balance much like the aus wallet.

    Big losses are always a pain but you'll never fully avoid them , I dropped over £1K trying something new out on wednesday using usual stakes which was a bit stupid to say the least. All we can do is try to plan ahead or at least not make the same mistake twice.

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  10. Could you add my blog too :) Im not here to spam or anything just because i charge a fee for my selections. What i earn from the website goes straight back into it.

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  11. @louse69 & Racing-Tipster - without trying to sound arrogant, I don't care much for rugby and generally don't link to subscription services out of principle. I typically link to blogs that I find interesting and / or to those whose authors have inspired me in the past.


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