Friday, 4 February 2011

If it ain't broke...

Ok, a while back I was bemoaning BT broadband because I was getting random dropouts at critical times during my trading sessions. Well I take it all back, it's actually been pretty rock solid now for 6 months.

The trouble is, we currently get our broadband through my wife's business line at the moment but we've decided to cancel the line to save costs. Here's hoping that BT will do a straight swap of the broadband package over to our landline account to avoid disruption. It would be preferable to have an overlap instead of them decomissioning the broadband and me having to wait for reconnection. I don't want to miss any trading days at the moment while things are going well...

Whilst I'm on the subject, I'm finding it hard to give myself a day off at the moment. I always thought once I went full time that I'd be taking days off at my leisure but I'm not inclined to at the moment for a few reasons:

1) I don't want to interrupt a good run of form
2) Like a squirrel, I must gather as many "nuts" as possible to see me through leaner times or to cover family holidays
3) The weather is crap anyway so it's not like I can go far without being frozen, blown about or soaked through (today it was blown about!)

When the lighter evenings come again, I'll have to get into a decent routine whereby I'm not trading from 2-9 and missing out on the very thing I've strived to aquire - more recreational time!

squirrels gathering nuts in a flurry, will cause snow to gather in a hurry


  1. hi mets..

    nice to see the profits keep growing..are u still trading ir-running or are the profits from pre trading

  2. Hi :)

    About half-and-half on this occasion. I'm using in-running trading as a way of topping up the pre-race trading profits. Some days it works and some days I get nothing. I try and be 100% productive during the session so i-r gives me another angle.


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