Thursday, 10 February 2011

Racing Poo-K

What a day. I'm spitting feathers here. It took me 4 phone calls and 4 emails to get to the bottom of why the Racing UK online player has an 8+ second delay on the feed now...

Yes, you heard it here first folks - adaptive bitrate streaming.

Soon after this email arrived, the phone rang and I got into a heated debate with Sean's boss (still waiting to get his name and job title), a sarcastic Scottish fellow who came on the line very bolshily and spouted how I was in breach of terms for using the stream to bet in-running.

I had a look at the terms after and couldn't see what he was talking about.

I said "I'm getting an 8-10 second delay this end" to which he replied "I'm only getting 7 at my end" !!

He went on to say that RUK disapprove of in-running punters and that business decisions wouldn't be decided by the likes of me.

Is that really RUK's stance, or just his? It was curious stuff, I wish I'd recorded the conversation as it would've made interesting listening. I heard Nick Luck talking about a horse trading shorter in-running just a bit earlier, so "exchange talk" doesn't appear to be prohibited??

I'm apparently "1 in a 1000" who is disgruntled with the change and "the rest were crying out for an improved stream" - who are all these hordes of people I wonder?

I'm not one to go looking for conflict but I wasn't prepared to be fobbed off on this occasion. As Mike "Porky" Parry (ex-Talksport) would often proclaim..."I am the seeker of truth and justice".

It pretty much set the tone for the first half of my trading session. My head was all over the place and I was still smarting from my telephone conversation. It was 3:20 before I got my mind back on the job...

Anyway, I've cancelled my RUK subscription for now and in the meantime will probably just rely on Timeform radio for the races that aren't on ATR - their audio seems to come from RUK anyway and the delay is negligable.


  1. Cutting off your nose to spite your face springs to mind. I'm assuming you've got a sky subscription so just get the RUK tv package. I haven't used the internet feed for ages , I'll have a look at the next at Kempton to see if the qualities improved and delay. At the moment it's been connecting for at least a few minutes so god knows if it'll ever log in.

    RUK are involved in a game of chicken at the moment with Betfair over the pricing of the feed so you'll find they'll be quite negative towards in play betting. One of the reasons why they suggest you contact betfair to reinstate the bet to view service.

    Still not bloody connected, I'll go for a smoke.

  2. Who me? Yeah I'm as stubborn as they come! ;) Why should I have to pay another £120 a year to get the equivalent of before. I was happy with how it was, that's the point I'm trying to make.

    Game of chicken? I'm not sure I follow. Has there been something going on I'm not aware of?

    Got a spare smoke?

  3. Trouble is it's not worth the hassle "for the sake of a tenner a month".

    Betfair had to pull the plug on the feed they were getting from RUK because RUK wanted more money on a click thru basis for their feed. Since then it's been a game of chicken over who'll crack first as Betfair want the feed especially with their new inplay section starting soon and RUK need the cash. RUK also provide the feed for Chandlers I'll see what the delay is on that for the next race, the RUK player is still 'connecting' :(

  4. Yeah perhaps you're right.

    Interesting info, thanks for clearing that up.

  5. Looked at the VC feed during the last race and it was only a second behind the TB feed.

  6. "TV feed"

    Yep you got to realise there's things going on in the background and we've no control over it. Having a reliable feed makes me a hell of a lot more money than it costs. Remember this is now your income not a hobby so you've got to treat it as such

  7. Hey Mets just stopping by on my quarterly visit! Looking at your recent figures and thinking back to when they would of been considered unimagineable. I totally agree with anon here, screw the way it used to be and get something more reliable even if it means it'll cost more. It's not worth the hassle arguing with people over it, especially if it's using your energy and directly affecting your performance. All the best mate.

  8. Yes mate, things have come on a bit since then :)

    Agreed, I'll have to get on the blower to Sky and activate the TV channel. Oh well.


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