Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Racing UK woes

I wrote another email of complaint to Racing UK today...

Hello, I've got a complaint about the web player (I didn't know what to select in the dropdown so I chose the closest thing). Since the website and player was changed, the player is now useless to me as an in-running punter. Whilst I could deal with the previous 2-3 second delay, there is now an 8-10 second delay. It's barely acceptable during the 1-3 milers, but for the 5f, 6f and 7f races it's a waste of time me switching the player on. Can it be put back to how it was before please? I know it's nothing to do with my internet connection as everything else is running fine. Also, the stream used to come through in a second or so but even that takes 4-5 seconds to start up. My telephone number is ***** ****** - happy to discuss. If it can't be put back then I'll have to cancel my subscription and make do with ATR and Betfair radio something. I wish it hadn't been fiddled with as I was totally happy with £10/month for the old player/feed. Please can someone get back to me as my last email (which I sent at the weekend) was totally ignored!

I think that says it all really. 8-10 seconds - what the hell is going on?! I'm going to ring them tomorrow anyway, as I doubt I'll get a satisfactory email reply. Someone at Racing UK has made the decision to tamper with the player and I need to know who!

Yes I could subscribe to the live channel itself I suppose but that's another tenner a month and I'd have to chop and change channels instead of what I do currently, which is have ATR on the TV and Racing UK streaming, so I can just mute one or t'other. Also, I'm not sure what the delay is like on their TV feed - anyone know? 2-3 seconds is fine for me in-running, any more than that and the betting becomes a lottery!

It would be interesting to hear if anyone else is experiencing these difficulties. Why couldn't they just leave things alone grrrr!


  1. Hey mate,

    Had exactly the same problem. I've cancelled my subscription with them now, its just utterly pointless! Cut your losses i reckon, it will save you £10 a month and possibly a lot more by basically gambling with their stream.

    I'm also subscribed to ATR at the minute but Betfair's live video is slightly ahead of their stream even!(Suprising how they manage to feck everything else up!) So i'm going to cancel their subscription to, to save a bit of wonga! And personally i'm not a great fan of listening to their pundits.
    So at the minute i trade in-play on ATR's race's and trade before the off on RacingUK's. It tends to keep me on my toe's and mixes it up a bit.

    Just my tupence worth!


  2. Why not just do the victor chandler RUK offer where they'll pay your subs if you do 10 £5 bets per month. It's easy enough to find 10 arbs a month, I usually do them all in a day. Plus for some reason they now pay £25 instead of the £20 sub for some reason.

    I always find it odd people don't bother with the offer when it's a lot easy to do 10 £5 arbs than make that £25 trading. As far as the delay goes it's only a couple of seconds on the tv

  3. Hi Kie

    What are they playing at, eh?! I'll give them a ring in the morning and cancel if they can't sort it. Thing is, I've got into a good routine with ATR and RUK and I actually quite enjoy the banter by the pundits on both channels. Things are about to get busy on the racing front and I don't want to be messing about with my setup if I can help it.

    Cheers Anon, I think you might have mentioned that arb thing to me before. To be honest I can't be bothered looking for arbs for the sake of a tenner a month. But it's not the cost so much as the fact that the stream was good and now it's crap! :(

  4. The offer's for the TV & internet feed which is around £25, tbf the internet streams always been a waste of time compared to the tv feed. Only takes around 20 minutes per month but I guess if it's too much hassle or you can earn the same rate trading it's not worth it.

    I'm probably just a tight sod and even though I earn a few K a week trading I'd still rather someone else paid my fees and take advantage of any offer going to swell the pot

  5. A few K a week? Blimey!

    Don't get me started on RUK - more to follow...

  6. I've followed your blog for a while Mets, won't be long before you're matching those figures at the rate you're improving.

    Doesn't take too much to make that step up once you get the sort of consistency you now have with your trading. For me it was just a case of going in higher when I'm confident and also taking advantage of any opportunities on offer no matter how big or small they may be

  7. I'm glad you are doing well, you must have worked hard to get to that level.

    The consistency is definitely there for me now. I don't know about you but it's been a very gradual rise for me. It'll be interesting to see how the year unfolds after such a promising start :)

  8. A gradual rise is the best way to start, that way you can assess what works rather than if something is simply a one off. Once you've that consistency you're more confident to place your bets and increase stakes knowing you can always recover any inevitable losses. Plus once you have a good idea of what works you'll start noticing other things within the markets where you can pick up the extra quid or two.

    I'm happy to play all markets win/place because they do mirror each other to some degree and doing the place stops me from continually watching and fiddling with bets left in the win markets. I'd imagine you'll have some eureka moment this year where other things click into lace for you and you'll wonder why you never did them before.

    I'll post a screenshot of todays racing after the last at kempton and you'll probably see even though those extra markets don't bring in loads everynow and then you hit a decent one. Gotta be in it to win as they say :)

  9. There's the days profit, probably slightly higher than usual but was a lot of races today

  10. Well my flaba is well and truly ghasted! Awesome

  11. I'm quite happy with it but it's not as impressive as a lot of traders out there. If you break it down there's almost 80 markets so only about £12 per market. More about consistency over a large number of markets , never going to get a consistent £12 per market but the odd £90 here and there maintains the averages for you.

    Come the summer and they'll be plenty of races to cash in on , work on that consistency , avoid getting frustrated about the odd blip or chasing a big loss and it soon racks up.


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