Saturday, 5 February 2011

Technical difficulties

I had another profitable day today...

so why am I sooooo flippin' mad??!!

Well, let's start with the Betfair outages. We all know that they've got us over a barrel so it's not like many of us can revolt or anything. Why they're messing around with things on the busiest day of the week is anybody's guess. Haven't they got any failover? They were hopping mad on the Betfair forum. I had to reduce my stakes significantly to reduce my liabilities and it hurt my profit potential immensely :(

I also had to contend with the Racing UK stream dropping out all afternoon. Refresh page, back it comes, drop out, refresh page, back it comes, drop out etc etc. I've emailed a complaint. I might only pay a tenner a month but I haven't had to use the thing much in the last few months because they hardly show any bloody racing on it - ATR have been showing most of it! Days go by where I don't have to fire up that bloody player because they're not broadcasting anything and so when I need it, it needs to work!

Then there was the interference on my Sky sender, probably caused by next door's microwave...or solar winds...or something....

Let's not forget the £100 lay of Arsenal I had (cheers Pete for the tip) which I got off for a tenner win at 3-4, only for the equaliser to go in seconds later. That's £83 not a tenner won...£83 lost.

Yours ungratefully,



  1. Hi mets great blog

    Do you trade pre-race or in-running?

  2. Hi and thanks!

    I do both these days. I used to shy away from in-running but now I find it adds a bit of excitement to proceedings!

  3. Hi Mets cracking blog.

    Im just getting into the swing of Cheltenham and just wondering whether you want to exchange links with our Cheltenham blog

    Let me know and I can get your link up asap!



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