Friday, 25 February 2011

Trading constipation

Well today was a struggle...

A good 3 hours work there - not! It felt like there was a blockage which was stopping me making some money, a bit of trading constipation as I call it. I used to get a lot of days like this when I started out, usually a case of giving away as much as I make. These days, it's rare to make such a pitiful return but I just put it down to a lack of opportunities and move on. One man's opportunity is usually another's misfortune and it couldn't be more true than on Betfair.

I've managed to claw back Sunday's losing day and some more besides. It was a bit hard going on Monday and Tuesday knowing that I was just catching up with Saturday's end-of-day total, but by Wednesday I was through the worst of it and on my merry way again.

I opened another Betfair account at the start of the week so I can keep my pre-race and in-running banks seperate. I cleared it with Betfair first and they confirmed that they're ok about it as long as you're not trying to evade the Premium Charge or profit from their referral schemes in a sly fox sort of fashion. I'm just waiting for a bank transfer to complete and I'll be off and (in-)running.

I'm getting a bit burnt out again and may give myself Monday off with it being the last day of a rather short month. I've worked particulary hard this month and last, and have managed to stash a good lump of dosh away in my Aussie wallet to (hopefully) see me through the Spring and Summer festival season. Roll on March! Let's see, what have we got coming buffday*... Cheltz** ...and of course - Spring! Lighter evenings and some milder weather - hurrah!

for my foreign readers that's *birthday and **Cheltenham

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