Monday, 14 March 2011

Back down to Earth...

...with a bump!

Nothing doing today...

I was experimenting in-running and took a few early hits so it ended up being a damage limitation exercise. I'll gladly accept a loss of this nature on a "research and development" day but obviously you've gotta not let them get out of hand otherwise you'll be forever chasing, and that's pretty exhausting.

I don't know what the next few days will bring. I'll settle for a couple of hundred quid across the 4 days, which is pretty meagre, but I'm no good at chasing big targets. I usually know early on if I'm ON THE CRAB as the money flows in effortlessly.


  1. Hi Mets,

    Enjoy reading your blog. I would like to exchange links. Take a look at our blog and see what you think.


  2. Come on Mets put up a Chelt update

  3. Hi Jason,

    I subbed your blog in Google Reader ages ago. Nice blog, but not quite my cup of tea though, I'm more interested in the 'human' side of trading and like reading about people's personal journeys. Plus I'm trying to keep my list short as it's a pointless exercise adding everything under the sun. Hope that makes sense :)


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