Friday, 18 March 2011

Battle: Cheltenham 2011

Well, where do I start? It's been a profitable week and I'm pleased with my total over the last 4 days...

I feel pretty washed out today, and am popping 'Tesco Extra Power Pain Relief' tablets like sweets to keep the aches a bay. I've worked pretty hard the last 4 afternoons and I think I'm feeling a bit run down now.

I'm still boggled by some of the single race totals that people post up, particularly Peter Webb and Jack Birkhead. I've said in the past that Peter Webb appears to do no wrong and his posts leave me a bit cold, but nevertheless his profits are excellent. Somehow, he manages to trade two exchanges simultaneously? I've seen that film Multiplicity but I didn't realise it was ACTUALLY possible to clone yourself ;)

It also made me laugh when Peter wrote:

"it is clear than two or three horses a race are being manipulated and that is spoiling it for other exchange users"

Bahahahaha! Yeah, because everyone plays sooooo nicely the rest of the time - NOT!

Decent enough start to proceedings

I threw about a 2.5k bank at it and found the going pretty good. After so many naff meetings over the Winter, it was nice to trade some nice stable markets with some decent stakes for a change.


Upped my bank to everything I had (about 3.5k). Had to cut my session short as I'd agreed to go and see Battle: Los Angeles * with my wife and couldn't go back on it. I've had Cheltenham in my diary for weeks so I knew it was on but made the arrangement without thinking. When I think about how many other Wednesday afternoons I've sat there trading some crappy Southwell meeting for bugger all, it was a bit silly not trading every scrap of the most prestigious meeting in the National Hunt racing calendar!

I got caught for -£60 by a big sudden move in the last one and managed to reduce the loss by a little. I wouldn't say I was being complacent, I just took a risk opposing a trend and got bitten.

* The film was worth seeing for 3 and a half notes (Orange Wednesday) and had the right balance of everything I like in a film:

- Alien invaders
- Futuristic weaponry
- Fantasy destruction of major cities
- Simple plotline



I found my stride on Thursday and was looking at a 400 quid day, but missed it by a few quid cos I couldn't get anything out of the Wolverhampton evening meeting. Oh well. The Cheltenham markets seemed very straightforward on this day and I had no trouble in getting 50 or 60 sheets in some races.

I'd laid Identity Parade before the last fence in the 16:25 at Towcester - not something I do very often - before it fell. I sat there for a brief second, counting my green, when the inevitable happened and it brought down the only other runner. Race VOID. Just when you think you've seen it all!


I was looking forward to today despite feeling under the weather and thought, after trading upto a ton pre-race in the Gold Cup, I was on for another record day. Sometimes though, I get a bit indifferent after a big win which comes down to the fact that once I get to a decent total for the day, the money starts to become less important and I sort of switch off a bit. I went on to lose about 60 quid before the urgency kicked in again and I was making it back with aplomb.

So in conclusion, I really enjoyed myself and have a target to try and beat next year. Lots more goodness to come during the Spring and Summer, and it really feels like we're starting to leave the long Winter behind. Hurrah!


  1. Nice one Mets, sometimes the bigger meetings can be a bit hard to get to grips with but you seem to have settled in quite nicely.

    Wouldn't be too hasty wishing the winter away, we'll be in for the long days and nights soon and you may find you look back on these 3 meetings a day with fondness.

  2. Nice results and quality interesting post as ever!

  3. Great week Mets. But if trading ever goes tits up for you, you can always oust Claudia Winkleman from her perch on The Film Programme ;) Great review and covers all the main points:

    - Alien invaders
    - Futuristic weaponry
    - Fantasy destruction of major cities
    - Simple plotline

    All pre-requisites for a truly blokey film.

    Struggled myself this week but looking forward to the next big meet.

  4. Hey, just ran across your blog and I must say it's really a nice one! Thanks for all the valuable information and keep up the good work!

  5. Cheers lads - appreciate the positive feedback :)

    @Steve - would love to mate, but I'd only end up reviewing the Alien films and Jim Carrey comedies :)

  6. Yo Mets!

    Great going mate! I'm really pleased for you that you've found your stride at this trading lark :)

    Keep up the good work


  7. Hi Jack, thanks for stopping by!

    Good to hear from you. Keep up the good work, it's inspirational stuff.

    All the best :)

  8. Hi Mets, I just added your blog to my bloglist. If you find my blog interesting (you can check it out at please feel free to do the same.



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