Monday, 7 March 2011

'e fell o-ver

Traded a bit of the Blackpool v Chelsea game this evening. Switched the radio off at 3-0....he thinks it's all over....

Dodgy penalty decision for Chelsea's second if you ask me. I was only watching a grainy internet stream while listening to Five Live, but I could see enough to judge that it was less than deserved.

With arguably Blackpool's two strongest players out tonight, I didn't expect to be opposing the Chelsea victory in any shape or form. At 0-1 though, Drogba and Torres were looking decidedly flat, which made the draw odds tasty enough to scalp for a few quid. I'd built up a pretty decent amount on the draw but sadly it wasn't to be.

I did a £50 lay of Augsberg in Bundesliga 2 when they were 4-2 up with 30 mins to go. Well you do, don't you? At 1.04, it was only ever gonna cost me 2 quid.


These little side bets keep things interesting, but I'll only ever tend to risk what I've made in other games. I'll never get rich off the footy with my conservative approach, but I'll never get poor neeva!

Anyway, I haven't really got the patience to sit there watching the odds move at a snail's pace, especially since I've been doing the in-running horse markets.

The horse trading continues to serve up some decent daily returns and I'm pleased to be regularly exceeding my, in hindsight, rather modest £30-a-day personal target.

I had a family function to go to on Saturday. It always adds a bit of pressure knowing that someone will inevitably ask: "so how'dya get on then?"

Cue the 75 quid drubbing in the first race...

I fought back with some aggressive trading and had recouped the lot within half-an-hour, and got on with the job after that.

I say aggressive, but I didn't take any more risks than usual - I just upped the workrate to an almost frenzied state. I couldn't keep going at that exhaustive rate for the whole session that's for sure! I had to "save face" though, this is my living after all.


  1. Well done Mets, the fact that you started the day with a £75.00 loss and then go on to make near £200.00 shows how good you are. Keep up the great work.

  2. A great change of fortunes-well done!

  3. Yep, I echo the above sentiments. Starting the day with a loss of any size is always a bugger but you showed good discipline and managed a day most would be proud of.

    Well done old fruit.

  4. Cheers lads, appreciate your comments :)

  5. Cracking stuff mets, shows ya have the mentality.

  6. Who are you calling mental? ;)


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