Saturday, 26 March 2011

gastropod mollusc-like (sluggish)

I've been feeling a bit sluggish this week. Dunno whether it's a virus or what, but I haven't had much motivation, least of all for full-on trading.

I took Monday off, a self-enforced break and the first for a long time. My return on Tuesday was rubbish

The big loss was in-play, one of my lays went a bit wrong.

Losing days are damaging to me for so many reasons...

It's money not earned. Following a bad day at the races, I always have this image in my mind of me going outside and throwing a clutch of £20s down the drain...not exactly positive reinforcement! As I skulked around the house after this particular day, my wife gave me the "look at the big picture" speech which is the only thing she can say to cheer me up when I'm like that, bless her. I went to the cash-and-carry that evening to buy some bulk items for a family party, and moped around thinking about how much it was going to all cost. It cost me £70 - that's 70 sheets I would have still had in my bank if I hadn't have turned the PC on that afternoon.

Days spent losing are followed by more days wasted trying to get it back. So if I sustain a heavy loss on Monday, it might be Thursday before my bank is at the point it was on Sunday night, at which point I can carry on increasing the bank.

Guilt. That whole "I am the man of the house and provider for the family" ethos gets a good kick in the nuts on a losing day. "Hi honey, I'm home...WITHOUT ANY BACON". It's makes you feel like poo.

A bright side

The point I'm making here though (to myself), is a little bit of perspective is needed on a losing day. It needn't be all "doom and gloom". I haven't lost my family and home in a tsunami, nor a daughter to some crazed taxi driver. I'm not bankrupt. I have my health and many nice material possessions. And I have more freedom now than ever before.

It's important not to put off being happy and grateful until the "going is good" again, and it's VERY important to look at that big picture your wife goes on about. Besides, any trader that's worth his salt knows that another decent day is just around the corner


  1. Great post. The bigger picture is always brighter.


  2. That's the beauty of keeping a blog matey. You can always refer back to these days, read the post and then scroll forward to a couple of days later to see a decent day. I'm beginning to accept losing days are inevitable and all part of working life. Just like in a normal job, you'll miss out on a sale or a big contract. There is always another one round the corner.

    Great post as usual.

    Chin up and lets see a decent day ASAP.

  3. Thanks for the comments guys. Upping the dosage of slug pellets has had a profound effect on my writing. I'm leaving less of a slithery trail when I move around too ;)

  4. Hi Mets,

    Long time no speak. Glad to see you're still at it and progressing very nicely. I do miss my days on the markets, that is until I read about spoofing and Betfair outages and all those other things!

    Just thought I'd pop by and say Hi!


  5. Greetings Robbie!

    It's all those things that make it so interesting lol!

    Drop me a line sometime and let me know what you're upto these days (if you've still got my email addy that is?)


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