Tuesday, 1 March 2011


A 4-day BT outage has pretty much hampered all chances of me earning a bit of decent profit on the horses recently. I feel sorry for the Indian call centre people, getting arsey customers like me reading them the riot act because some muppet in this country decided to perform an upgrade without telling the customers going through that particular exchange.

In the meantime, I've been trading with the 3G BT dongle that I use on my backup netbook. This has of course meant that I've no backup and have therefore wimped out of any pre-race trading in fear of a PC crash or dongle outage. My PC randomly crashed one day last week which hasn't happened in ages, so I can't take any chances.

Trading purely in-running with a small bank has confirmed one thing, I can't rely on in-running profits alone to see me through. The pre-race trading appears to focus my i-r capers a bit more; lose a bit pre-race and I can look to make back the deficit i-r; make a bit pre-race and it acts as a buffer to take a few chances i-r. The two go hand-in-hand.

I suppose we all settle into a groove, a way of doing things, and when that pattern is disturbed then it can be very upsetting.

Missed the big move on Man Utd last night from 4 to 3.65 after my friend PeteG tipped me off about the Utd price being a bit high. I was a bit too hesitant and the price was gone before I could blink. I tried getting on board a bit later but I couldn't get matched at the price I wanted. I monitored the market throughout today and put some money on about lunchtime and then go caught by an upsurge in the price at about 12:30...

leaving me about £90 in the red. I calmly went and collected the nipper from playschool and waited for it to play out. I couldn't imagine Utd trading above 4 unless Ashley Cole had been firing his pellet gun at Rooney without me hearing about it ;) By 13:30 the price has settled down again and I'd managed to scratch it for a £4 loss, so I could relax again after that.

Managed to make a few quid in-play while listening to the match on Five Live. As much as I'd have preferred to watch the game on the telly, I can't bring myself to pay Sky all that money a month for the privilege - I pay them enough as it is (for multi-room etc).

My internet connection still isn't right, as although I'm back online, it feels like I'm on dialup again. I hope it's rights itself by the morning so I can get into a decent rhythm again tomorrow arvo.


  1. I'm experiencing similar problems with my line at the minute. Going to try again today but if no improvement will do a post on it tonight to vent my spleen :)

  2. Hi Mets, I have followed your blog for a long time, and find it very interesting, since its not "just" the P/L stuff. I have my own trading blog now, and today i have a post about the hardware problems of a trader, which might be usefull for you? However, i would like to put i link to your blog on my blog, could you do the same for me?
    Best regards and happy trading.

  3. Think yourself lucky , you could be begging on the forums for a few quid like John's sunk to.

  4. @Steve - mine's back now. Came back last night and has been fine ever since. Absolutely no consolation to you of course! If yours is being upgraded like mine was, it's worth ringing BT to ask when they expect to be finished. Mine was supposed to be 1st March but ended up being the 2nd.

    @Tytteboevs - I've had a look at your blog but it's not really my thing to be honest. I've decided to only link to active blogs that I find interesting otherwise the list becomes too long.

    @Anon - I've seen some recent blog posts, I think I've lost all respect now.

  5. Hi Mets, thats ok, but what do you mean with "active blogs" - have u looked at the right one?


    Good luck

  6. Hi Tytteboevs, yes I've seen your blog, and know you're actively updating it. It's just all that talk of percentages doesn't really make stimulating reading for me.

    Hey I'm not trying to start "blog wars" here though, haha! :D

  7. Hi,

    It's John from the blog 'Betfair profit and loss'. I know this is silly and a little desperate, but is there any chance I could borrow 250 pounds until next Tuesday, as that's when I have funds available from the sale of my iphone. I'm missing out on all these events and chances to profit :-( I will see it as a favour and reward you in future. Btw, I made 27k last year, but have had a bad month. That's why it has come to this.


    Thanks for any help,


  8. I'd love for you to claw your way back to the dizzying heights of last year John, but some of your recent blog posts have been a bit erratic to say the least. I can't lend you the money because I don't think I'd see it again.

  9. Thanks , been a bad month thats all.

    Can you delete the comment from your blog


  10. John O'Dwyer begging for money because hes a compulsive gambler! Quit the game John if you have to stoop to those levels.

  11. Lol, it wasn't O'Dwyer, it was posted as a joke


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