Monday, 14 March 2011

The witching hour

Bit late to be posting but I can't settle - that late evening marrow bone snack is repeating on me...

Had my second best day ever on the gee gees, which is a bit surprising after yesterday's carry on.

I gonna celebrate and treat the family to some 3 ply toilet more Wilko budget bog roll for me! ;)

Most of it was from in-play trading, which seemed quite straighforward today. It got pretty hairy at times, and you do need to have your wits about you, but I think I'm onto something. Eventually, I wanna be making this daily, and more. I wanna roll wit' da big dogz!!

Quite how things will play out when the jump racing ends though is anybody's guess. Things have gone well in the last 3 months but there is always the danger my strats won't translate well to the flat racing.

I've added a Twitter feed to the blog. Why? Because I was bored during yesterday's downtime more than anything. I've been trying to think how I could make social networking work for me. I'm not really a big fan of it to be honest, and don't like plastering my life all over the internet, but at least Twitter is fairly unobtrusive. It's not like you need Twitter in order to follow people's tweets, as you can subscribe to the feeds in Google reader (though they don't come through instantly), but I can see the benefit when I've got (in Twitter's words) a "short, timely message" to write which doesn't require a full blog post. We'll see.


  1. Well done for a good day mate. Now you've got a Twitter account you can tweet when you get your posh 3 ply toilet roll!

    You've changed :D

    Take it easy.

  2. "you've changed"


  3. Good going Mets, should hopefully beat those figures this week with Cheltenham. Always plenty of mug money around for Cheltenham but the masses of cash on offer usually make trading more a case of getting in first rather than any real skill. In running should be good for you as the only difference is the amounts on offer which make it easier to close out without too much loss of value either way.

  4. Cheers, Mr "Greed All Over" ;)

    Thought it was a pretty neat name myself but perhaps a little too similar to Cassini's "brand" :D

    Who knows what's gonna happen the rest of the week. Did rubbish today so just goes to show what difference a day makes. I've never really got on that well with the high volumes but we'll see. I'm still trying to iron out my in-running approach.

    All the best for the coming days.


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