Thursday, 7 April 2011

Aintree Day 1

I'd set my expectations high on day 1 of Aintree but only ended up with a fairly modest haul in the end

Being more of a scalper than a swing trader, I have a tendency to jump off a move after one or two ticks, rather than let the thing "pan out". The reason is, I'm always grateful for any green - I think I've got a hamster mentality

"Say what?"

My daughter's hamster will gladly hoover up any bit of food you give it and store it in it's pouch, because it's got a short-term view that this will be it's last meal. If it looked out of the cage it would see a chuffin' great bag of food sitting there! Similarly, I'm hoovering up all these little bits of green without really have a long term view of the market.

It's a bit of a bad habit I've fallen into really, this jumping from one horse to another hoovering up the available scraps - it doesn't really require much thought or analysis. Yesterday must have been a swing trader's Christmas and Birthday rolled into one, but I couldn't capitalise on it because my swing trading ability is pretty poor

I typically won't trade the fave for this reason, I can't read the damn swings very well. On the other hand, my scalping ability is pretty well honed and I have a good idea now what works and what doesn't.

I'm sure if I can advance my interpretation of the market movements, then things will move up another gear.


  1. lol, think swing trading is a test of how long you can sit on your hands!, im guilty of being a hamster too matey

  2. Love the hamster analogy :D Do you sleep in shredded paper and have suckers on your feet too? :)

    It's funny how you look at today's result as 'modest'. I'll bet when you started a £200 day would have been a dream. It's funny how expectations change as something becomes more normal.

    Good stuff though bud. Keep it up.

  3. @Caan - lol, I might try that!

    @Steve - I never knew hamsters had suckers on their feet?! Mine thinks it's a bat and hangs off the cage upside down! :D

    Yeah £200 would've been a dream day not too many moons ago, but compared to what some make it now seems pitiful, especially on a festival day.

  4. That's how they climb up the tubes mate. KNOW YOUR HAMSTERS!!!

    Hardly pitiful but it's good to keep raising the bar. Best of British with the rest of the week.

  5. I wouldn't even switch the PC on for £200 a day Mets, so I can understand your frustration ;)

  6. @Steve - are you getting confused with the "lesser-spotted long-haired tree frog"? ;)

    @Anon - bahahahahahaha! :D


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