Friday, 8 April 2011

Aintree Day 2

Well I came up a bit short on yesterday's total

I didn't have any trouble at Aintree which is where a bulk of this came from. I was very poor at the other meetings and gave away loads. I didn't even realise I was doing it either until I looked at the PnL half way through.

The Aintree markets were right up my street, they had a nice loose feel to them and I got on the right side of some good moves. I expect the money will be a bit more "clogged up" tomorrow if last year is anything to go by.

It's very exciting that practically the whole nation gets behind the big race. My neighbour stopped me earlier asking for a tip. I told him I'm still "narrowing the field"...which I am. I'll take my fancies round my Nan's in the morning and pore over the Daily Mirror to make sure I haven't missed anything. Then I'll stick a couple of bets on aside from my usual trading to make it more interesting. As appointed Chief Bet Placer of the family, it's me they'll all come to with their 50p e/w stakes on some 200/1 shot they fancy cos it's got a nice name! It's little wonder the bookies rub their hands together on National Day.

Of course, we'll be treated to more fine presenting on the Beeb from John Parrot and his annoying "cock-en-ey geez-a" sidekick Gary. Was it last year or the year before that they used some rather foul language "off air" without realising their mics were still on?!

I treated myself to a new toy today

I bought a Mac Mini 2010 with an extra 4GB of RAM to prop up the rather pitiful 2GB it's supplied with. Typical Apple, selling you a machine that is only half upto the job and then offering you a load of expensive upgrades at the checkout. Anyway, I got this on eBay for a decent price after making a rather speculative Best Offer of £525 which was then accepted. I bought the RAM upgrade from Crucial for 35 notes.

Apple will probably be bringing out a 2011 refresh anytime, potentially with the i3 CPU they've just stuck in their new range of Mac Book Pros, but I couldn't be arsed to wait for that and anyway, it won't retail for less than 650 sheets (maybe a bit less on Amazon)...and I bet they won't upgrade the RAM!

I owned the original Mac Mini - they're whisper quiet and use little power. I plan to run Windows 7 on a virtual machine and use the Mac as my main trading box in the future. My current Windows 7 box, which was originally a gaming machine, has a 400W power supply and a GeForce graphics card so it's pretty juicy and a bit noisy. The Mini uses about 20-30W of power on average with an idling power usage of just 11W!

Well, we all deserve a little treat now and again :)

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