Sunday, 24 April 2011

Mac rage

This was my first weekend trading on the Mac Mini - the jury is still out on that one. Windows 7 was running like a badly oiled machine midway through the session and I had to reload the virtualisation software and then Windows before I could continue. I wasn't sure why it got so sluggish as it ran fine yesterday.

The thing I haven't quite got to grips with is the mouse movement on the Mac. Natively, OS X does funny things to the mouse cursor, like slow it down over buttons for instance. Steve Jobs probably thinks that's a useful feature or something, but I couldn't live with it and had to download some "mouse-correcting" software just to get it behaving approximately like it does in Windows

SteerMouse stops all that Mac cursor craziness!

I noticed in the latest release of The Toy (the one with the training mode) that The Geek has introduced a couple of new keyboard shortcuts to the fold - Z to cancel all bets on the lay side of the selection and C to cancel all the back bets. I've been meaning to investigate the keyboard shortcuts for aaaaaages and quite possibly the most useful one for me is the market sort by hitting the spacebar. I was doing this via the menu system before but now whacking the spacebar save me loads of effort. It's just a case of factoring these keystrokes into my action now as I generally have my left hand over the numbers at the minute to quickly change the stake amounts. Sooner or later, these extra keystrokes will become second nature, much like when I used to play COD4 online where I'd be jump-strafing while simultaneously killing 3 enemies with headshots and 'nading 3 others...

Anon: keep dreaming...

I don't think I'll be paying too much premium charge next Wednesday, as this week has been very patchy and today was no exception

Hardware and software issues don't help, but more than that I've been behaving impatiently the last few days. My in-running staking plan has gone a bit barmy as I've sought bigger spoils, and I've suffered some heavier losses in the process. I'm careful to keep my daily losses to a minimum, so I'm not left with an uphill battle the next day.

I don't get "bent out of shape" over a £20 loss in the name of R&D, but obviously it's imperative not to let these R&D days get out of hand as it's a fine line between an R&D day and a sloppy-ass day!

Anon: "Bent out of shape"? "Sloppy-ass"? What's with all the Americanisms?!

There's a plethora of racing on tomorrow, and once again I'll be like a kid in a candy store, looking to squeeze ever drop out of the session. I'll try and be a bit more careful tomorrow and start as I mean to go on.

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