Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Not so well

It must be one of the first occasions where it's taken me longer to think of a post title than to write the post!

Sometimes there is only so many ways to write "I did well" or "not so well". Today I did not so well after getting a bit of an in-running kicking

Another one of those claw back days I'm afraid but it could've been worse. I was only thinking earlier how nice it was that I haven't had a losing day in a while.

At -£125 down I was starting to think about shutting up shop and had set -£140 in my mind as a cut-off point. When I'm down a few quid I quite often find my mouse hand operating independently from my brain and further losses can occur if I'm not careful.

A nice £44 a bit later gave me a fighting chance, although that could've been £80+ if I'd greened up a bit quicker on one horse in-running. A bit later on I was £20 up on one horse pre-race just before it was withdrawn, and was about to green up in another for £50-£60 in-running when my horse's fortune changed mid-race. I ended up with 7 sheets - bah. Ah well, when it's not going your way what can you do?

I'm a bit perturbed about there not being any racing on Good Friday - I totally forgot about that since last year! I was looking forward to some good Bank Holiday action too. Looks as though I'll have to spend ALL arvo round my sister's drinking beer instead of just some of it ;)

With Good Friday this week and the Royal Wedding next, I'll have taken at least 6 days off this month's unheard of! What with getting off to a good start for the month, helped of course by the Aintree meet, it's quite nice to wind down a bit at the end of the month before the next one begins. I'm always at my most intense at the start of each month because I look to get a good boost to take the pressure off the rest of the month.


  1. Hi There,

    First of all, good luck with your betting quest, I am a big fan of certain betting strategies and will follow your progress with interest.

    I was wondering if you would be interested in a link exchange with my blog?
    If its not something you are interested in, no worries.


    All the best!

  2. There is racing on the royal wedding day mate!!or perhaps you are a big royalist and will be glued to the pics or even invited!!

  3. @Playing It Safe - hi, I'll take a look, cheers.

    @Anon - yeah I'll be watching, sadly no invite :D

    If it finishes early enough then I'll do the arvo session but I'm not going to bust a gut as these things don't happen too often...and besides, she's a doll!


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