Friday, 15 April 2011

On the up

"Just the one, Mrs Wembley"

I didn't feel like I was getting very far at the start of today's session, and quickly found myself -£35 down and counting. Still, I quickly turned things around and ended with a satisfying total for the afternoon / evening

As "Trader" over at Greed All Over points out, the evening racing feels "like continually being on call for the next 6 months or so". Certainly, with four meetings this evening it would've been an opportunity missed.

I'm trying to be careful not to trade every race every day at the moment, as scrapping for every bit of money is tiresome and not really necessary - I'm not that desperate for money!

I gave myself Monday and Tuesday off this week as I sorted out my "trading room" to accomodate my new Mac Mini

"oooooh, shiny"

The Geek's Toy is running in Windows 7 on a free trial of some virtualisation software I'm using called Parallels. I gave it a quick go yesterday but I think I need to tweak some of the settings as my mouse was acting a bit sluggishly and I can't be having that when I rely on accurate mouse clicks so much.

Obviously, it's important not to change a winning formula, so if I find that running the software in this way inhibits my performance then I'll just keep on the using my existing Windows box for trading and use the mac for my musical endeavours.

If you could see the amount of wires I'm using, you'd be horrifed!


  1. Nice st up you have there mate!

  2. What musical endeavours are you doing mets? Looks like some pod you've got in your setup. Dunno if you've any recommendations for a usb interface or if you're just using midi to record.

  3. .

    @Anon - thank you sir

    @MF - I'm writing some songs mate. I've always dabbled but have taken it more seriously this year. Hope to have an EP out by the end of the year, just updating a few bits in the studio in readiness.

    I just got the POD last week - it's the X3. I've not even switched the thing on yet, not had the time! It's a usb interface aswell as a guitar / bass / mic preamp. I only bought a Cakewalk (Roland) UA-25 EX last October and that is very good, but if the X3 holds its own then I'll sell the other one on.

    I compose in midi mainly and add the audio on after. The Korg X50 interfaced pretty well with Cakewalk Music Creator but now I've got the mac, I need to get it to talk to Garageband. All good fun :)

  4. Nice one, at the moment I'm looking for a decent usb interface for my guitars, tried one of those behringer usb guitar things and it was useless :(

    Most of my trading profits seem to end up going on guitars at the moment and I'm sorely tempted to get an es 335 and DC junior too despite getting 4 LP's in the last month. I got a pod 2 a while back and thought it was the bees knees at the time but gone back to separate pedals at the moment as I found the pod too limiting with adjusting the individual sounds.

    So many different guitars I want right now I have to convince the missus they're investments :)

    Might miss a few trades here and there playing between races but reckon it helps and you can always crank things up when trades go wrong to get that frustration out.

  5. I'd recommend the UA-25 USB interface if you're just recording guitars. There was no noticable latency.

    4 Les Pauls in a month? I must be missing a trick on the trading front!

  6. Luckily I've got into the made in japan lawsuit LP's, burny's grecos; obg's etc much more affordable and better quality than todays Gibsons.

    I'll look up the specs for the ua25 seems to do what I need for now. Garageband looks good only ever used Cubase and Logic in the past but logic is now mac only and cubase has moved on so much since I last used it :(


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