Saturday, 2 April 2011

Visually impaired

There's an old saying: "Don't ever trust a boiler fitter with your satellite dish". Well, actually, it's a new saying as I've just made it up on the spot but I'm sure it will catch on! Yes, I had a new boiler fitted yesterday and I suspect (although I can't prove anything) that the boiler man broke my dish with his ladder as he repaired the gaping hole he'd made in the side of my house. So, until I get it sorted I'm trading without my usual ATR feed.

It's not a huge problem as I trade in-running almost exclusively to Timeform's commentary (it's quicker than ATR's commentary by at least a second) as my style of trading leaves little time to be staring at the runners for too long. I never did subscribe to the Racing UK channel after they messed me about with their stream - screw 'em! They can kiss my chuddies!!

It's been a good start to April

I traded all the meetings today right up until the 21:25 at Dundalk. It was a nice stress-free session and the money came nicely. It still only a fairly paltry 6 quid per race average but it's getting there.

March was a good month and I'm confident I can keep the momentum going throughout the spring and summer. I had a few days off in March and it has kept me motivated and fresh; I'll be doing the same this month, especially on the 29th April for the Royal Wedding (yes I'm a Royalist).

I'm excited about the Grand National next Saturday. Ever since I was about 8 or 9 I can remember having a flutter on this event. My Grandad always watched the racing on a Saturday but he'd only usually have a bet on Grand National day. Once we'd all pored over the paper for a few hours, we'd make our selections and he'd put them on at the bookies. He always had his own shortlist of 3 or 4 and would usually end up with something out of it. I never knew his selection process which, as a child, added to the whole "mystique".

Obviously things have changed a bit in the last couple of years, and I now find myself approaching the event with my trading head rather than a punting head. It takes all the fun out of it really but this is business. There was a pundit on the telly last year that reeled off a load of facts about past winners. Indeed, if you care to dig a bit deeper there are all sorts of filters to apply to this year's field. There is even a tool to strip out all the chaff from the field for you, although the website confusingly suggests that this is for the 2010 field, even though the runners appear to match up with Betfair's Antepost betting?

I expect I'll just trade the race this year unlike last year when I finished early to go round to my Nan's. It's times like that where I wish I could split myself in two so at least one of me could enjoy the event for what it is. I'll try and post up my "winning" selections by the end of the week for you all to laugh at!


  1. £6 a race isn't that paltry Mets', we have at least 200 odd races a week.

    If you can maintain that average during the flat season with night racing you should be coining it in. Just concentrate on that consistency rather than looking at averages, those averages will rise with consistency not the other way round.

  2. Look 'ere Trader, when people like you post up 1k days on your blogs, I look at £6-a-race as merely "peeing in the wind" !

    Therefore, it's your fault I'm so dissatisfied ;)

  3. Hi mets,
    Do you have an e mail i can contact you on?
    Im not a spammer or weirdo(Im sure im not) !!
    I recently went full time and im not a million miles from your part of the world (lincs) and would be good to chat about a few ideas.

  4. Hi Tradermick,

    I do but can't give it out on here for obvious reasons. I'll look to get a contact form set up on the blog in the near future.

  5. Cheers look forward to it.

  6. Hi mets,
    Ive set up a new hotmail account if you could e mail me if possible.

  7. Hiya Mets,

    Awesome blog. I have recently started my own up. Feel free to add a link to it if you like:
    It's a challenge I have set myself trading the football markets!


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