Sunday, 29 May 2011

Hard lesson

I was only saying to the missus earlier that I might take the plunge and buy an iPad 2

It would give me something to mess about with even though I've got every sort of computing device going already.

So to lose nearly the cost of an iPad in one race is a bit disturbing

A hedging error in-running, brought on by desperation, turned a -£100 loss into more than thrice that.

But the difference between now and, say 12 months ago, is that I didn't sulk or beat myself up about it - I just carried on clawing it back. I was pleased to claw back a ton to reduce the deficit. With the Bank Holiday tomorrow, I intend to get back much of the rest.

It put a dent in my week's profits that's for sure


  1. Hi Mets.
    It has taken me forever to stop beating myself up about losing a chunk of profit.i think " If only i had quit for the day at point X...but then think of the times you have turned round a losing day to a winning day because you didnt stop.
    Hardest part of the job imo.Good luck pal

  2. I couldn't agree more mate. I think it's the "nature of the beast". It can be pretty unforgiving at times.

  3. All these lessons are hard lessons, why are there never any easy lessons?!

    Negative iPads all round....

  4. Mets- tried to send you a mail but it was returned?

  5. hello mate, I've finally got round to adding an email address for the blog - see the top of the logo. cheers!


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