Saturday, 11 June 2011

Feeling better

I had quite a few responses to my last post about my post on feeling stressed. Thanks for your concerns, it's comforting to know that there are people in the same boat as me who can empathise with such matters.

In summary, the main points that people made were:

- trying too hard can be counterproductive
- an edge wins over in the end
- get a health check

This week I've attempted to be kinder to myself and have taken it really easy on the trading front. I had Tuesday off because there were too few cards for me to be sitting there like a lemon all afternoon / evening. Weds-Fri I only started about 4pm until early evening. Today was a full day but then Saturdays usually are.

The takings have been a bit patchy but I've managed a bit more beer money without too much stress

Today was interesting

despite a -£100 loss in-running which knocked me into the negative zone for the day, I found it quite easy to build the profits back up again with the mentality that good always wins over I mean that my edge wins over in the end!

Taking the odd big loss, although wasteful, is part-and-parcel of the in-running game. No matter how much you try and formalise your selections to either back or lay, something can and will go wrong from time-to-time and then losses have to be curtailed at the earliest opportunity. The in-running markets can be savage, but I still prefer them to the pre-race markets which I seem to be finding harder and harder to read these days. It used to be that in-running trades would supplement my pre-race profits but I think the tables have turned now and I am more consistent in-running.


  1. Hey Met,
    "trying too hard can be counterproductive" fully agree of that, sometimes I try too hard, and of course I start to force the trades, what is very bad thing. Sometimes I get jealous that other people seems to put a lot less work than me, but manage to make a lot better results. "It's not fair! I should be making good result too! I am putting so much work on that!" :) ... And the problems begins ... Good work and keep going :)

    P.S. Can you add my blog link to your blogroll? I already did that :) here is a link :

  2. Nice consistent profits is what its all about.
    Consistent is boring.....we all need to become boring to suceed!!Bang crash wallop is not the future.......boring it is then..I must get my head round this.
    Do you agree?

  3. @za1jcas - yes jealousy can be a bad thing. It's made me lose focus in the past and I ended up making less profit!

    I'll add your link to my Google Reader and if I read your blog often enough then I'll stick it on the blog. I don't want a long list of blogs that aren't interesting to me or that don't update frequently.

    @Paz - yes, I've always thought that getting some profit is better than nothing at all. Some days it's satisfying and others days a bit dissapointing but it all adds up to a nice little amount :)


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