Thursday, 16 June 2011

Golf US Open 2011 predictions

I've made my choices, so get your money on and then sit back and watch the green come in ;)

Bit of a "finger in the air" job in choosing - there are lots of differing opinions on the interweb!

First and foremost, I want to get my stakes back so when (if) the prices come in enough I'll lay off my stake. I'll look to hang on to Mickelson until 54 holes when I can hopefully trade out for a nice bit of green.


  1. great blog
    can you tell me if u dont mind what size bank you trade with and what % do you risk for each trade on the horses?

  2. Hi Banjo,

    I'm using a 2k bank at the moment, although it was about 3.5k during this last week while Ascot was on.

    I'm not sure % wise but I only really stake the equivalent of £5 tick sizes and a bit more during the big meetings.

  3. cheers intersting to know.Alot of these guys dont seem to mention what they risk as if its some sort of trade secret.I sent an e mail to a very well known propreiter of software what % of bank he used and the reply was quite rude as if id asked his wifes bra size!
    Ta again

  4. Come on anon, spill the beans, who was the rude culprit? We won't tell!


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