Sunday, 5 June 2011

What lies on the sea bed and shakes?

A nervous wreck of course!

Where did everyone go?

Since last Sunday's in-running misery, I've fought back hard this week (as in Premium Charge week, Mon-Sun) to regain my losses and then some. By Thursday, I was on for a 1k+ week but Friday was appalling and Saturday was only saved in the last hour.

But I had to have an enforced break today because my nerves were well and truly jangled. This "trying to better last week / month" approach I've been taking has been killing my normal sleep patterns, to the point where I'm making trades in my sleep some nights and waking up tense and tired the next morning.

I saw an optician this week and she said something about getting my blood pressure checked as she'd noticed something when she shined that blinkin' million lumen light in my eyes!

I wouldn't say I've stressed out per se, but this jaw-clenching tension that I get some days (usually the days where I've sat there for 5 hours and made bugger all) is bound to have a physiological effect if I endure it for long enough, so I need to be more aware of when it's happening and try some relaxation techniques...

Stick needles in me? No flippin' way!!


  1. You need to start accepting what the markets give you rather than chasing targets. Trying to beat the previous month will always end in tears at some time or other and just isn't sustainable for too long.

    The less I stressed about trying to win more money the more I ended up winning. Weird but true :) I listened to a few meditation and zen mp3's that put things into perspective, all this "what is , is" mumbo jumbo.

    Always a fine line to walk as you always need some stress present otherwise we end up switching off but it's just not worth underestimating the stresses you face when trading and how they affect your profits and personal life.

    I'm sure I could ramp up my profits but I'd much rather lose some cash for the sake of living a bit longer with my stress free trading style. Might be good for new traders to stress over trades but day in day out after a few years it'll finish you off if you let it.

  2. I agree completely with what the anon said artificial targets are just that. If you have an edge of 5% then you will make 5% of every bet you place in the long run. The short term results are not important only the long run. The Long run is not a week or a month or even a year.

    If you can detach from short term thinking you'll find that not only will you be less stressed, you may even find you win more!

  3. @Anon - "stress free trading style"..bloody hell I'll have a pint of what you're having! ;)

    @Pete - as you say, the edge will win over in the end.

    Cheers for the advice guys. It just seems to have been a particularly hard week this week - I suppose we all have them, where everything is a fight and the concentration levels have to be at their highest.

  4. Hi Mets,

    I am interested in what the optician said. I have just started trading last month and already at times feel exhausted after trading and my eyes are really taking a hit looking at the screen for up to 7 hours a day.

    If you only trade horses, what do you do in the morning? Any exercise, eye training?!

    My blog is if you are interested!

  5. @Tim - hello mate, I can't remember her exact words but she was looking at the blood vessels and then passed comment on the blood pressure test. I was tested 6 months ago and my bp was normal so who knows? I would go to the doctors and get checked out but...erm...I hate medical centres of any kind!

    It's pretty normal to experience the sort of tiredness you're talking about when you're starting out. I remember being exhausted most days as I battled to build up the trading bank from pretty much zilch.

    In the morning I mostly eat bacon and egg sarnies and listen / play music lol ! As for eye training, I was gawping at the female pin up earlier in this month's Muscle and Fitness - does that count? ;)

  6. One of the best posts I read on this subject was this from the excellent Green All Over blog:

    Sometimes they go for you, sometimes against, and there's no point in agonising over each unlucky break. If your selection process is good enough, i.e. you have an edge, to get worked up over individual bets, is as unproductive as a casino manager worrying over the outcomes of individual pulls of the slot machines.

  7. It is indeed an excellent blog, give my regards to the author when you speak to him next ;)

    Great analogy there, I hadn't looked at it that way.

  8. How about some of these glasses, they're created for hardcore gamers but are good for anyone staring at a monitor for hours on end.

  9. Damn - I could double my takings with those things on! And I'll look cool at the same time!!


  10. Dr Handy here! The fact that you are feeling tired with the combination of your opticians comment, it wouldn't do you any harm to have your blood sugars tested. If you have been feeling more thirsty recently then I would definitely think about it!

    It can't be easy trading for a living but you must find a way to wind down and relax when you are not in session.

  11. Cheers for your comment old bean. I'm pretty sure it's not diabetes - then again it doesn't hurt to rule it out I suppose.

    Dreaming about ladders is definitely not conducive to a good night's sleep though. If we're gonna dream, why the hell can't we dream about being fanned on a beach by Megan Fox before, well, you know *wink wink*.....


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