Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Settling in

Well I managed to get the new iMac in without too much bother

and the Mini is on the other side of the room to run my bot and so I can write some more data import code

Not my usual mug you understand

Porting my routines over to the Mini has broken them, partly because SQL server names are now different but also because (I think) I wasn't running the right Visual Studio 2005 service pack. I downloaded about a gigabyte of updates and patches this evening and they seemed to have installed ok, so it should just be a case of picking it up in the morning where I left off.

The beauty of running a virtual machine is that you can copy over the image and run it in another vm on another machine right away. I copied over my Mini's vm image to my iMac last night and was glad to see Windows 7 boot up without any bother.

The iMac screen is physically closer to me than my previous screen (there's no room behind to push it back any further) and it took a little while for my senses to adjust to the new distance whilst trading this afternoon. Whereas before I had 10 in-running ladders, I now only have 8 because the reduced distance between my eyes and screen means I can't scan all 10 ladders without moving my head (it's a bit like watching a movie from the front row).

I got on okay with things in the end and was impressed by the speed and stability of the new machine. The Toy ran effortlessly within the VMware session. The iMac gets quite warm at the back when it's working hard - the metal case must be acting as a heat-sink I suppose. There's a big slot in the top for the warm air to escape from....I just hope the thunderflies don't get in there as I've already had some get in and then die in 3 other screens and they're unsightly. I was typing the other week and (no joke) I was wondering why I couldn't delete this stray apostrophe from the text......only it wasn't an apostrophe grrrrrrrr :(

The markets were quite kind to me today and I was pleased with my achievements. I messed up the big race of the day by trying to trade Canford Cliffs with larger stakes than I'm used to and never really got on the right side of anything, ending up 25 notes down. I haven't really noticed a huge shift in the markets since the new PC was introduced, but then I'm still a relatively small fish in the large pond and I suppose the changes are more noticeable at the "top end". Bottom Feeders (see glossary) like me are grateful for the scraps, and damn tasty scraps they are too!

On the crab!


  1. Hi Mets. I like your blog, keep going!
    I see you do your job very well! Im the beginner in sports trading, maybe you can help me little bit? :) Just answer few questions :)

    What is your bet amount?
    Do you trade lay or back?
    Do you trade by 1 tick or more?

    Thanks! :)

  2. ah.. one more question.. do you trade at horses which are more than 10 odds?

    Thanks :)

  3. Hi Mr B :)

    Pre-race stakes vary but my tick amounts are not normally more than £7-8 - any higher and I have to change my underpants more often! I back and lay and mostly scalp as I'm always glad to secure any green (probably what has been holding me back all these years ;)

    In-running stakes vary depending on whether I'm backing or laying and at what price. I'll trade prices up to 20 if I think there is an opportunity, but I'm more comfortable trading between 3-8 because there is usually more going on.

    Hope that helps!

  4. Thank you for all your answers :) They are helpful for me :)

    I wish to know your strategy, the point when you buy lay or back, but i think it is your secret :) If it is not, then i would be glad to hear it :)

    Do you have any videos on youtube, where you are trading?

    P.S. Did you ever try betangel or other softwares?

    Thank you.

  5. Yes it is my secret, otherwise I might give my living to somebody else ;)

    I've tried them all, but The Toy is the best in my opinion.

  6. Hey Mets. You dont think you can feel a difference pre race since the changes???


  7. No Chuck - you?

    Every day feels different to me - I can have a perfectly good couple of days and then all of a sudden one day it's a spoofy-as-hell and I can't make any sense of it! I've just learned to keep my losses to a minimum on the days I perceive as "unplayable".

  8. Interesting you say it changes on a daily basis... like someone turning bots on and off... maybe my paranoid, i agree though and see your point of view.

    Personally i do feel a difference but it might be down to us doing different things, im having to adjust a little although some of it could have been to going mad with the stakes at goodwood and the like.


  9. "someone turning bots on and off"

    it does appear that way sometimes!

  10. Hi again :) have few questions for u :)

    Mets what do you think about Premium Charges? What you gonna do when you earn 250k ? Betfair can take from you up to 60% fees, it hurs much

    And other question is: You work with MAC os, as i know geektoys and betfair does not offer mac os programs, what did you do to work at MAC os ?

    Thanks :)

  11. Hello Mr B :)

    "Mets what do you think about Premium Charges?"

    I think it's rubbish!

    "What you gonna do when you earn 250k ?"

    Put my feet up :D

    "Betfair can take from you up to 60% fees, it hurs much :( "

    It's a crazy amount - it just won't be worthwhile trading any longer.

    "And other question is: You work with MAC os, as i know geektoys and betfair does not offer mac os programs, what did you do to work at MAC os ?"

    I run windows in some virtualisation software called VMWare. It costs about £40 and is ok but not as good as the real thing. My PC broke and I had a fast Mac so it was the logical thing to do. I can just about manage without Windows in my life now ;)

    Will you write again in another 3 months? :D

  12. thanks for your answers :) i will write to you if you want :D

  13. Hi Mets.

    GeekToy program works well through VMWare? Could it be that through this program your bet will appear only in a couple of seconds? Could it be that update through VMWare will be later in windows?

    (hope you understood me) :)

    P.S. I have same problem like you do, my windows PC is broken so the only way to work is at imac. I was thinking to install windows in boot camp but i dont like that i need always to switch between the operating systems.

  14. Hi,

    Geeks Toy works really well. I don't notice any difference in performance.

    Do you mean Windows updates? They work in the same way as a normal PC.

    As long as you've got a decent amount of RAM and a dual-core (preferably quad-core) processor then you should be fine. I've assigned 2GB of RAM and one core to the virtual machine.

  15. Very nice setup Mets and good luck with your bots :-) They are tough work but worth it in the end if you persevere and put in the pre and post analysis...enjoy reading your blog and just getting into the in-play trading myself last few months with some success.

  16. Hi, thanks a lot. All the best!


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