Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Nothing day

Quite literally a nothing sort of day, with everything I made

being robbed back off me again tomorrow

Before I started this afternoon's session, I checked to see what my PC would be this week. Now is today's profit a coincidence, or did something happen on a subconscious level? Perhaps I've been watching too much Dynamo!


The botting venture continues to flounder. Conscious that I've only got 3 months left of my subscription, I've been furiously writing and re-writing my triggers in between races and testing them out in-play. I've lost count of the times I've started from scratch, building them from the ground up.

My ultimate goal is to take some of the in-running strategies I use every day and approximate those in trigger-form. The thing is, in-play trading has become a very intuitive thing after months of doing it, and programming intuition obviously takes more than a few routines slung together! Therefore, I'm trying to keep the strategies functional enough to make me some money, but also simple enough to ensure the logic remains straightforward and bug-free.

Starting with a £100 in test mode, I was upto £146 at one point in the afternoon and was already planning my retirement. But a few automated trades later and my virtual profit quickly evaporated, leaving a massive £4.66 profit for the day. Breaking even for the day is good progress though, as I've lost many starting banks in the past trying out different things; thankfully it's not been my own dosh on the line so far!

Once I get the first bot in place and earning, I will then introduce some variants to execute alongside it, to cover different scenarios...

Not that sort of Variant!


  1. Nothing too spooky about giving a days winning to betfair in PC, mets. If you assume you're playing at around 5% implied comms that means you'll pay 15% (1/7 or 1 day) extra in PC.

    Wait til you hit PC3 and it'll be around half the weeks profits going to them in PC charges :(

  2. So the PC3 didn't deter you in the end? I suppose if you make enough overall then it's still a decent living despite this crazy "tax".

  3. Hi. Please can I exchange links with you? My blog can be found at: http://investmentscalper.blogspot.com/

  4. No updates for a month! Have you gone bust again like John O'Dire?

  5. mets mets were are uou??????????????

  6. @Abu - I don't really do link exchanges mate as I only list the ones I really like. Plus it tends to keep the list short. I'll whack you into Google Reader and if I enjoy the blog you'll be sure to land in the list!

    @Anon - you can't lump me in with that plank O'Dire. The last time I heard from him, he was on here begging for money. And whaddya mean "bust again"? I've never been bust!


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