Monday, 3 October 2011


A bit of a strange one in the 14:50 at Warwick today, when Rios Girl traded at 1.01 for 17k and finished 10th. Looks like there was a mix up during the photo due to the similarity in colours of Rios Girl and the eventual winner, Straboe. The Rio price pinged all over the place so I whacked a few speculative bets on at big prices, which were quickly taken, and managed to green up for a tidy amount before the market suspended again

If only it were always this easy!

I had a comment on my last post, where I was predicting the imminent demise of everyone's favourite betting exchange

Betfair's not going to dissappear overnight despite all the current bad press, mets. Even when it does eventually collapse that'll be due to something else there to replace it so don't think you need to worry.

Yes, I know (hope!) you're right, and I'll try and be less of a doomsayer from now on! ;)


  1. I have been a BF customer for nearly 10 years with varying amounts of success.Some fantastic and some catastrophic but i for one hope betfair goes to the wall and burns in its own ashes.That is the only way everyone will have to migrate elsewhere on mass where hopefully we will be treated with a little dignity,honesty,transparency and pure old decent customer service.Vile vile organisation it has become,

  2. Don't hold back there Mick, lol !

  3. Im thinking of going on a course to get myself a more outgoing attitude.Im just too shy and i need to assert myself more and say what i think!! :)

  4. Mets,
    I've been long gone but keeping an eye on things at your end. Thinking about making a low key return with some bottage at some point. Expect an email soon!

    Hope you're well, mate.


  5. Cool - good luck with the botting!

  6. Hi,

    Great blog. I have just started a new Betfair Challenge blog and wondered if you'd like to exchange links??



  7. Hi James,

    To save my list getting clogged up I generally follow blogs in Google Reader for a while and if I enjoy them, I add them to the list. I'll be watching with interest!

  8. No problem Mets,

    Thnaks mate


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