Saturday, 26 November 2011

Off the crab

Today went about as well as Thursday and Friday

I couldn't even be bothered to finish the last few races.

I've really struggled to find something to trade these last 3 days and I don't remember it being this bad for a long time. Has everyone buggered off to BetDaq or something?

When I'm not "on the crab", I lose my rhythm, get bored and take more chances than I should.

Things will pick up again soon I'm sure. In the meantime, I'll have a few days off and do something more interesting with my afternoons as I can't face the prospect of another paltry day's profit at the moment.


  1. Found this week tough myself mate. The closer I get to my target the harder it gets! Todays shambles with Betfair didn't help either so called it a day with 6 or 7 races to go.

    Take a bit of time off and come back fresh ;)


  2. Just have to plod your way thru the markets, this time of the year it's all crappy small fields that don't suit me whatsoever but opportunities do crop up. Just have to find something to occupy yourself whilst waiting for them , only 12 to 4pm max these days so not exactly a long day :)

  3. I always find the winter months quite tough to do!! It's ok when there's lots of quality cards etc... but the run of the mill stuff in Nov, Dec and Jan really do feel like hard work to bet honest. I am looking to do a bit more with other sports to break it up a touch. I like you can get seriously bored trading and end up doing silly things because of the tedious slowness at times it can be.

    Anyway i'm sure you'll be more than OK mate as you have come so far and have the correct mentality for it not to affect you much.


  4. Cheers lads - thanks for the comments. It's comforting to know I'm not the only one finding the trading a bit hard going at the moment.

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    Lol busted Martin :)

  7. totally unacceptable post. I offer free trading advice, all i do is share my screen via site and go through my trades as i go along. No fee involved what so ever, that cran bloke is just a forum muppet who spouts utter bollocks.

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  9. Sad to hear you've gone bust met's :)

  10. hey mets, how'd / what you use to create the header on your blog? :) chuck

  11. Hi Chuck, I used Photoshop mate.


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