Saturday, 12 November 2011

Top of the pops

I haven't looked but I think today's effort just edged my personal best

I traded with a bank of £2500 today, so a bit more than my usual £2000. Just recently, I've been upping my pre-race stake where feasible and am now into £10-a-tick territory. It's been ages since I last upped the stakes but it feels right and anyway, I want to make more money! (don't we all?)


  1. This is me again. I often visiting your blog, but dont make any comments.

    Wow this is really Great result. Keep going and set more records :)

    Sorry but could you please explain about you bet.. Is it £2500 so you get £10 for one tick?

  2. P.S i dont make any good comments because of my poor english :(

    You write good and interesting topics

  3. Please, I will pay you to teach....;) I hate my job!!! when I back the fave pre, it shoots up, I have no idea what im doing pre race trade...Mets please get in touch and we can come to some terms???

  4. 2500 Lb bank= 44.03 Lb profit????????????

    Come a job!!!!!!!!!

  5. "2500 Lb bank= 44.03 Lb profit????????????

    Come a job!!!!!!!!!"

    What's this muppet on about?

    Well done Mets, only a cats whisker away from your holy grail.

    I think upping the stakes is well overdue plus it may make trading a bit more interesting for you.

    Festive greetings.


  6. @Mr B - hello again and thanks for your comment. The stakes vary depending on the price I'm trading at but if I'm trading at 2s I'm typically using an £800 stake (usually £400 and if I'm confident I'll double up).

    The bigger bank merely enables me to lay for more at higher prices if I need to (although I don't generally trade above 14).

    @sledge - ha ha I'm sure you don't do badly on Betfair given your tennis knowledge. The pre-race stuff is just something that I learnt gradually over 2 years. Like others have said, it's more about "feel" than anything else. Knowing when to jump in or leave well alone is the biggest thing I've learnt but I still make silly errors.

    I'm thinking of putting a course together next year and revealing a few of my secrets. There are so many entry points, especially in-running, that I don't think it will hurt my edge too much. I'll have a think and maybe announce something in the near future.

    Mail me anytime though on the address at the top of the blog :)

    @Anon "2500 Lb bank= 44.03 Lb profit????????????"

    You need to look at the "Total", pal!

    @CC - cheers mate. Well done with the challenge, that's a nice bit of spending money for Christmas!

  7. Hi There,
    I have added you to my blog roll if you wish to do the same I'm at

    Kind Regards


  8. Hi Pete, I don't usually do link exchanges as it makes my faves list too long and meaningless! Now I know you exist though, I'll subscribe to you in Google Reader and add you to my list if I enjoy the blog.


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