Saturday, 31 December 2011

2011 review

Well, 2012 is nearly upon us and it's certainly been an interesting year as far as the trading goes...

About this time last year, things started to "click into place" and January was the first month when my income actually matched that of my old job. When February and March followed suit, I could relax knowing I would be financially ok, at least for a little while.

I log all my results in a spreadsheet and it's clear that I've not improved massively since January...and it wasn't for lack of trying believe me! I'm constantly pushing myself for higher returns, but higher stakes and silly "heat-of-the-moment" blunders have held me back a bit.

When I started filming my trading at the start of December (for some training videos I'm hoping to do in 2012) it dawned on me where I was going wrong in my pre-race trading. As a result, I've managed to tighten up my game quite a bit and the last 6 days have been amazing.

My strike rate is approx around 65% at the moment so my goal for 2012 is to improve that to at least 75-80%.

Late 2011 also spelled a mini-crisis in terms of my mental wellbeing. My self-imposed isolation since late 2009 really caught up with me in October of this year and I was feeling pretty miserable for it. I've got good health, a loving wife and wonderful child, a part time job I love, loads of free time to indulge my passions and yet I felt lonely and just...well...crap.

I fought the lows like every man should - with alcohol ha ha!! Obviously, that can only work for so long and then it's a case of figuring out why you're not happy in your own skin. That's for another day but let's just say that certain therapies have helped brighten my mood, like exercising with others (I've joined a gym), taking the St John's Wort herbal supplement (the jury is still out on that one), talking things through with the wife and even some retail therapy (new 32" LCD now takes pride of place in my already overcrowded office space).

I've even installed Sky HD for the office so I don't have to use the crappy video sender from the downstairs box to watch At The Races.

It's all about making life easier for yourself, and it's something I want to expand on in 2012 as I feel we get ourselves into an unnecessary pickle sometimes that could have been avoided with a different approach

another unnecessary pickle?

Anyway, that's enough rambling. To all my regular readers: I wish you a great 2012 and I hope you can continue to follow my journey well into next year...and hopefully beyond!

Take care! :-)


  1. Happy new year m8, and let me say I will be first in line for any of your videos, you are obv a genuine fella and let me know how much your training is when your I just cannot crack the horse trading...

  2. I wouldn't worry too much about not having any major improvement since last Jan, Mets. For myself and most of the traders I know things come in leaps and bounds rather than gradual increases. Once things click into place and you know how to win it's hard to improve on it drastically. I doubt I've improved much over my last three years and probably greed and complacency have contributed to that :)

    I used to keep all kinds of stats myself, roi's to stakes etc but gave up as they really didn't tell me anything I probably didn't know deep down anyways. I still do some minimal stats like year to date, rolling averages etc but more out of habit tbh. At the end of the day your balance and withdrawals tells you all you need to know.

    Wouldn't get too hung up over the strike rate either as sometimes you just have to accept what you get and small changes here and there usually impact elsewhere and not always for the better. Obviously if there are glaring errors you can whittle out out do it but it gets easy to overlook the times that gung ho attitude has gone our way when assessing bare stats.

    I guess sometimes we have to accept we're not perfect and just thank our lucky stars we're in that winning minority and just enjoy it whilst it lasts.

  3. Happy new year Mets I've enjoyed reading the blog through 2011 - all the best with trading 2012.

  4. @sledge - cheers mate! I'll hopefully have something available in a few months provided I'm happy with the quality of the product - I'm not going to sell any old crap!

    @LT - thanks for some more of your insight mate. I'm surprised there's any money left for the rest of us the way your bot was going at it!!

    I don't analyse things too much really, just bung my quarterly PnL into Mind Games' excellent spreadsheet tool. I like to look at the profit graph going up - it gives me a warm fuzzy feeling inside ;)

    @Didd - cheers geeza, hope all is well.


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